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Online Photo Printing

Printing photo is not a new industry, It appear 19 century. Last century people taking photo with film than go photoshop to print out. After enter era of digital, we using digital camera, DSLR, cellphone and tablet to take our photo.

Now day many thing could been done within internet for safe time and energy. After enter digital era, our  photo aslo in softcopy format that able save and edit in computer. Softcopy format able to transfer via internet make online photo printng become a true. We no need send a hardcopy by courier services to printing shop anymore, just a simple internet connection everything will be done.

Reverse the download progress, online pgoto printing just need to upload a photo wish to print via internet to printing shop server. No extra charges for courier fee, no more fuel for going shop, no more time for collect photo at shop. Just simply stay at home select photo to upload than wait to receive a printed photo.

Photo industry not more simply open a shop to satisfy customer, development of software become more important than open a locate strategy shop. 

Enjoy a photo printing or create your own photo gift start from today at your home.