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How Are Lace Front Wigs Different From Full Lace Wigs

 Lace wigs are in high demand these days. Many women prefer to choose these wigs because it enhances their beauty and allows them to wear confident looks on their faces almost anywhere. However, your confidence and beauty solely depends on which lace wig you choose. The market today is flooded with full lace wigs as well as lace front wigs. Both these wigs share similarity in the materials they are made from but, when it comes to wearing, these wigs differ completely. Therefore, here are some pointers that will enable you to distinguish a full lace wig from a lace front wig.


Before buying a lace front wig, you must have a fair knowledge about how these hair units are worn. Lace front wigs as its name suggests, only covers the front portion of your scalp, whereas, a full lace wig covers your entire scalp. On the contrary a front lace wig is some sort of an addition to your hair. These wigs may also be available in fringes or bangs. Women preferably choose these wigs in order to sport a fringe or bang on their foreheads. Moreover, choosing a front lace wig with bangs will surely change your entire outlook. Additionally these wigs are highly beneficial for those women who suffer from alopecia in the front regions of their scalp.


Lace front wigs are easy to wear and handle. These lace wigs do not require any sort of preliminary hair setting, which is a must with any full lace wig. Usually a full lace wig is integrated with a mesh that lets it stay firm on the scalp. Whereas, a front lace wig features a light band that usually blends with the skin tone. A lace front wig is usually attached to the front scalp with the help of a tape or an adhesive.     


Another distinguishing feature of these lace wigs is its versatility. Full lace wigs are highly versatile and can be fashioned in any style. You can braid them, style and wear them as an alternative for natural hair. On the other hand, lace front wigs are easy to manage and handle. Unlike full lace wigs, a lace front wig does not require any grooming or styling. All you have to do is to wear and let it flow with your original genuine hair. However, you can have your front lace wigs colored, beaded and curled as per your taste in fashion.


Cleaning is much easier for lace front wigs. Unlike full lace wigs, a lace front wig does not require much attention in terms of its management and maintenance. These front lace wigs do not require combing or any additional conditioning. This is because a font lace wig does not feature matted locks, instead has separate and loose locks that can be well managed with your fingers. Thus, owning a front lace will save you the cost of purchasing shampoos, scarves and conditioners. With these pointers, you will find it easy to distinguish and choose the best front lace hair that will match your style and preference.

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