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Five Important Tips To Check The Quality Of Your Tie Or Krawatten

A very small piece of cloth wrapped around your neck as the primitive form of the tie was known to be, could do wonders in designing and shaping the dressing sense of human kind and today it is considered to be the last word in deciding how your personality is reflected. Since a KRAWATTEN has this much importance you need to be very much careful in selecting it.


Till recent past we never had this much luxury in the shades and designs of KRAWATTE or neck ties and with the advent of vast range of shades and stripes in to its design, selection of a neck tie that is apt became a herculean task. The choice of a good neck tie mainly depends on your personal taste and the occasion for which you are going to wear it and once you are comfortable with the design and shade then you can check for its quality.



Your budget for a KRAWATTEN cannot be surpassed in selecting it and you can get many cheap rated ones these days but they lack the quality as the loose and free threads protruding from them would easily be noticed in the crowd. You can go for silk and polyester mix material but only for plain ones. This material will not be suitable for printed and striped neck ties as they would not give good finishing look. Silk is the best material for a neck tie but it would be a bit costly in comparison to other materials.



Never have an apprehension that if the fabric is silk then the KRAWATTE would be best in quality. Just run your fingers over the neck tie and if you feel any rough surface then that piece is of poor quality silk. Original and best quality silk will be very smooth and you will not feel any weight if you take it in your hands.



You need to check the tie knot as well. For this tie the KRAWATTEN around your wrist and check whether it is hanging free without any twirls. If not then better you move on to the next piece as it would be a badly cut product.




The lining of the neck tie should be perfect and normally inner linings are not made of silk but wool. The quality of the lining is determined by the percentage of wool used in its manufacturing and the more it is used the better would be the quality of lining of the KRAWATTE.



The normal size of a KRAWATTEN fits most of the people that is 52 to 58 inches in length but if you are not an average built man then you will have to check out for a custom size. To know the perfect size you must wear it and ensure that it reaches just above your waist line and if it is too short or too long then you need to change the size.



All these tips will help you in selecting that perfect neck tie which would reflect your personality and grab the attention of the crowd.

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