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Condoms are largely used all over the world. Anyone can buy a kondome online at Kondome kaufen or from other online stores dedicated to such articles. However, there are communities, larger or smaller, where the use of condoms is impeded by cultural barriers, such as popular beliefs or religious restrictions. Although condom use is acknowledged as a factor of pregnancy prevention and protection against sexually transmitted diseases, local rules or mysticism, or lack of education may prevent people from using condoms as contraceptive and, at the same time, safe methods to preserve health. This is generally a problem of cultural attitude toward sexual activity.

While in most countries of the Western world the use of contraceptive pills in the 1960s was considered the cause of the decline of condom use, in Japan, there was no approval for the use of oral contraceptives before September 1999. Since hormonal contraception was forbidden, in 2008, about 80% of the users of contraceptive methods relied on the use of condoms. Kondome online is now a trend like any other form of online commerce and stores like Kondome kaufen are more and more present on the Internet.

Cultural attitudes related to contraception, gender role and sexual activity are not the same around the world and vary from and varies from extremely conservative behaviour to extremely liberal. For example, less-developed countries or with less educated people, are home to rejection of condom use. In cultures where gender roles are more traditional, women often feel uncomfortable asking their partners to use condoms.

For instance, Latino immigrants in the US are often subject to cultural barriers that prevent condom use. Studies performed on female HIV prevention have shown that a lack of attitude required to have safe sex is due to traditional norms of the Latino community related to gender role. Latino women are generally afraid to address this topic in discussions with their partners. Women included in these studies often reported a general macho attitude of their partners and possible violent behaviour from the part of their partners in case they were suggested to use condoms.

A similar situation was encountered in a survey of low-income black women in America. It seems that increased risk of AIDS among black men in the United States is directly related to lack of condom use.

Condom promotion in Africa was often impeded by some anti-condom campaigns lead by Catholic and Muslim clerics. In Tanzania, condom use is severely affected by the fear of ‘wasting’ sperm, which has an important sociocultural role. Sperm is believed to bring beneficial health effects and, as a consequence, Maasai women believe that repeated sexual intercourse is necessary after conceiving a child, in order to aid the development of the child. Most Maasai people even believe that frequent condom use is causing impotence. Some African women still believe that condoms should not be used by respectable women, since they are an attribute of prostitutes.

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