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Factors Which Determine The Longevity Of The Fluorescent Lightbulbs

The main reason why people opt for fluorescent lightbulbs is their longevity. The high cost of the bulbs is substituted with low levels of replacements over time. Therefore, the users do not have to spend a lot of money while searching for new replacements for the fluorescent lightbulbs. It is essential to select high quality Mr beams mb360 bulbs in order to be assured of a long lasting bulb. It is also essential to select the most appropriate bulb for the current in the room. This ensures that the t8 fluorescent bulbs work in optimum condition. The following are the factors which determine the longevity of the Mr beams mb360 bulbs.

Level of usage

The amount of time spent while the bulb in on will determines its longevity. It is thus essential to switch off the light every time someone leaves the room. The fluorescent lightbulbs should only be lit at night, when there is darkness. The home owners should ensure that they switch off the lights when they are not using them. This is especially during holidays, when there is no one in the home. Many people tend to leave the outdoor t8 fluorescent lights on whenever they are leaving on holidays. This will curtail the long lasting quality of the Mr beams mb360 bulbs.


The current of the electrical fittings also determines the longevity of the t8 fluorescent bulb. Low current will reduce the amount of lumen produced by the fluorescent lightbulbs. This will make the bulb dim, and eventually reduce the longevity of the bulb. The fluorescent light bulbs are also affected by high levels of current. The high current can cause the bulb to burn, thus reducing its time frame. It is recommended to check the wattage level of the bulb before purchasing. The services of an electrician should be sought when purchasing the best Mr beams mb360 bulbs.

Constant switching on and off

Switching the t8 fluorescent bulbs on and off constantly reduces its life span. This is because it takes a lot of energy to switch on the bulbs. It is always advisable that the CFL bulbs should always be installed in areas which are free from disturbance. The light bulbs should be left for long periods without constant switching on and off. This protects the coils from burning and thus makes the fluorescent lightbulbs last longer. It is also recommended that the user avoids dimming the light often. This can also lead to reduced lifespan for the Mr beams mb360 bulbs.

Quality of the bulb

The quality of the bulb also determines its life span. It is thus essential to select high quality t8 fluorescent bulbs for the home. This can be achieved through purchasing from credible sources. The brand chosen should be renowned for high quality products. Clients should seek reviews about the quality of the fluorescent lightbulbs before purchasing. It is advisable that the client selects a brand which is well known and has been in operation for a long time. This will guarantee that the Mr beams mb360 bulbs selected are of the highest quality.

Mark Hudson is the author of this article on Mr Beams mb360. Find more information on Fluorescent Ballast here.