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Exploring Gold Snake Rings And Opal Jewellery


 Jewelry forms an integral part of fashion. Just like trends in clothes, trends in jewellery as well keep repeating from time to time.  There are many kinds of ornaments that are revisiting the fashion circle these days. Famous among them are gold snake rings and opal jewellery. These two unique categories of ornaments are exotic, unusual and have a striking ability to make heads turn. Apart from being a rare variety to explored, they also serve as a fitting substitute to diamond which is not affordable by all. Here is some information regarding these two varieties of ornaments that might enlighten you further in making informed decisions.


Snake rings have been worn by people of different cultures and civilizations from ancient times. Before the dawn of modernity, people were attracted to its mythical quality. They looked at gold snake rings as a symbol of eternity. Depiction of snakes eating their own tail is the main reason behind this symbolism. This image was known as Ouroboros. It was believed that this image was inspired by the notion that a serpent of light lives in the heaven. If you are someone deeply fascinated by such myths, you could explore this variety of ornaments. If you wish to add more class to this kind of gold ornament, you might be interested in opal jewellery.


Whether you choose opal rings or gold snake rings, the circle in the ring has an important historical connotation.  The circle represents a whole which in ancient civilizations stood for perfection. A ring which has no beginning or end was also a representative of the universe as it imitated the Sun and the Moon. Whether or not you believe in such notions, there is no harm in believing in the goodness of a perfect life which your ring could symbolize. If you are not particularly fond of gold, you could always explore options like silver, opal jewellery and other similar varieties.


You might be delighted to know that several different renowned cultures like Norse, Chinese, Hinduism, Christianity and Aztec have given a great importance to the snake symbol. In Greek mythology, gold snake rings were worn to pay homage to Asclepius who is known as their healing god. He was known to have been destroyed by Zeus in the fear that Asclepius might make the humankind immortal. In the Victorian English society, people were quite taken by snake rings. Queen Victoria herself promoted the concept of snake rings as a harbinger of luck. If you are looking for a pop culture symbolism, you could always think of something like Slytherins in Harry Potter.  You could also mix it up with Opal Jewellery to bring in more variety.


Whether or not you associate gold snake rings with the above mentioned histories and believe in them, it’s important to remember that these rings impart elegance, style and a touch of uniqueness to its wearer. If you are looking for a less dazzling variety than gold that is in neutral colors, you could always look for similar patterns in Opal Jewellery.

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