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Emerald Eternity Ring For A Perfect Wedding

Emerald stone is commonly associated with Mercury who was the messenger of Gods and of travel. Therefore it is often believed that it is also a travelerís protection stone. Emerald has its unique green color due to the presence of chromium and vanadium. It is common and expected that an emerald stone would not be flawless so a common technique to hide the imperfections is to oil the stone. Emerald has gained popularity in recent times as a part of many different kinds of jewellery items like emerald necklaces, an emerald eternity ring, an emerald bracelet and emerald in silver gemstone rings.

Eternity rings are generally gifted on anniversaries or used as wedding rings. The basic idea behind an eternity ring is to symbolize long lasting love and an eternity of married life. The way it is manifested is through a circular band of silver embedded with many small stones, mostly diamond, throughout the entire band. As the band has no start or end, it is typically symbolic of eternity or never ending love. An emerald eternity ring is an eternity ring that uses emerald stones. Eternity rings are fast replacing the conventional wedding ring with a single large stone like most silver gemstone rings.

Green is not only the color of nature but also of fresh yet enduring love. Emerald stones of the purest quality are intensely green and are more expensive than diamonds of the same size. An emerald eternity ring would not only be a beautiful symbol of love but would also use the mythical properties of emerald. Emerald is supposed to protect the wearer from evil spirits and protects the dignity and chastity of the wearer. It, supposedly, increases wealth and prosperity and brings good luck to the wearer. Emeralds are also used in silver gemstone rings for those who are born in May.

Emerald is also believed to have soothing abilities. It can ease the mind of the wearer and can bring wisdom and patience. All of these qualities make it an ideal stone for symbolizing a stable and lasting relationship and of marital bliss. That is why an emerald eternity ring is in demand. Though for similar reasons, it is also used in silver gemstone rings, but for an eternity ring it is both a unique and an innovative option that stays true to the original idea behind an eternity ring while at the same time adding to it, color and meaning.

Because emerald is very expensive, if it were used in an emerald eternity ring, the ring should be taken care of. Mostly a half eternity ring is preferred in which the stones are embedded only one half of the band. It is still important to protect your eternity ring from scratches. It should be cleaned with warm water and you should try not to rub it too hard and avoid using a hard brush. Irrespective of how you use your emerald stone, be it in an eternity ring or in silver gemstone rings, you need to protect it carefully.

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