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Different Types Of Metals Bands For Emerald Rings Uk

Emerald is one of the most precious gemstones known for its exuberant and bright green color. This gemstone was once favored by great kings and queens. Women, since ages, have loved wearing emerald the most. They believed that this gemstone had several magical properties that would protect their kingdom from evil and misfortune. One of the predominant beliefs held about this gemstone was that its association with a precious metal would enable it to retain its charm, shine and magical properties. Therefore, many wore emerald rings UK and chains that were made out from gold and silver. Till date, emerald rings for women made from gold, silver and other precious metals continue to thrive in the market.

Gold has been the most predominant metal used for making emerald rings for women. As we all know, gold is a noble and the most precious metals of all. This metal for long has been used to make ornaments and other jewelry items. Many women today prefer gold for its enduring and long lasting properties. Unlike other metals, this metal does not corrode or accumulate any sort of dirt that would spoil its natural glow and charm. The market today is flooded with emerald rings UK that feature a gold metal band. Since, emeralds pair well with gold, many jewelers have introduced it with different varieties of gold bands like yellow gold and white gold, which enhance the beauty and shine of the gemstone. Emerald rings made from gold are easy to handle and care. They do not require extensive maintenance.

Apart from gold many often prefer silver metal bands for emerald rings UK. Known for its versatility and low market value, silver has also been a preferred choice. Silver with its natural white shining body always assures the charm and glow of the inlaid gemstone. The malleable properties of silver allow designers to mold it into different shape and sizes. Considering the increasing demand for emerald rings, many jewelers have introduced exclusive cutting edge designs that cater to the senses of every woman. Unlike gold rings, silver emerald rings for women oxidize fast when exposed to air. But as technology has evolved at a great pace, many silver rings today are covered with a protective coating that prevents it from losing its natural color.

Platinum emerald rings for women are the latest and newest trend making waves in the jewelry market. This precious metal has successfully supplanted the traditional metal bands. Although emerald rings UK with platinum metal bands is highly expensive, women still prefer it as an alternative to gold and silver rings. Like silver, this metal is malleable and is available in different designs. Rings featuring a platinum band do not corrode easily. The maintenance is easy and does not require much of attention.

Metals like gold, silver and platinum have always been held in high esteem. But this trend is slowing fading away. Apart from noble metals, many also prefer alloy metal bands for emerald rings UK. The enduring properties of alloys make it highly preferable. These are extremely malleable and come in various shapes and forms. Emerald rings for women are usually available in white gold and sterling silver. These metals are less expensive and have the ability to shine like natural metals.

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