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Different Aspects That Make Bates Boots So Popular

It has been found that forces of 60 countries use Bates Boots as their standard boots. This results in the sale of 1.5 million pairs of these boots every year. There are a number of different reasons for this popularity. One of the main reasons is the experience the company has gathered for over a century as they have manufactured their first boots in 1885. The research and development carried out during its 127 years of existence they have developed their shoes to produce a range of boots and shoes with which they are able to satisfy the most discerning customers. There are other reasons for this popularity of Bates Boots as well.


Since every Bates Boot is designed for military or other security personnel to wear, they invariably need to be rugged. Those who are attached to security forces need such boots as they march in different areas where the terrain will not be friendly towards shoes. Another reason is that they will engage in operations in areas where the weather could not be that friendly either. Naturally, when your Bates Boot withstands all these rigors it will become popular among armed forces of any country.


Comfort is one of the most important features you will enjoy when you wear Bates Boots. There are quite a few reasons for these boots to offer such a high level of comfort. One is the breathable materials they use for the manufacture of the tops of these boots. Usually, they use full grain leather and ballistic nylon for the purpose. Another reason for their being so comfortable is the use of new technology. Individual comfort system used in Bates Boots is able to make their shoes outstanding in comfort. On breathability they use cross channel circulation. The end result of all these are the ability to provide a pair of highly comfortable boots that could be worn for any long time at a stretch.


When you buy a Bates Boot you buy a boot that is designed for military use. When it comes to military use you have no room to have design faults. The boot has to fit the foot perfectly and it should provide the perfect comfort level. Also, for certain purposes such as marching you need a Bates Boot that has a better height than normal boots. Another important aspect of design is that the boot should be non-slippery in any terrain. This is achieved through well designed soles and the use of the right materials.

When a Bates boot is offered with all these features it is inevitable that it gets popular among the purchasing authorities of security forces the world over. Any force that has bought just one consignment of these boots will adhere to this brand quite loyally. Though Bates Boots are generally expensive they also could help security forces to save as they last long due to their durability. However, the most important feature enjoyed by those who purchase these boots is their high all round quality.

There are quite a few reasons for the popularity of Bates Boots. The main reason is that when one buys a Bates Boot the satisfaction is guaranteed.