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Choosing The Best Scent Blocker

Hunting season is in full gear and if you too are interested in it, you must start looking out for the best way to cover your body odor. In contrast to the traditional options like staying away from the wind, picking a scent blocker would be a good idea. You can opt for scent free hunting clothes right from hats and gloves to jackets and socks. These clothes are developed in a way that the body scent can be blocked and the approaching animal fails to pick your presence. There are only a few companies which specialize in offering Scentblocker clothing to hunters. These firms have come up with an innovative silent shell composed of abrasion resistant and highly breathable polyester. It also has a microfleece inner lining that gives you complete scent protection. The silent shell is highly versatile clothing that works perfectly for a hunter and meets all his requirements. Scent Control can help in hunting down the animals easily.

The specification of this particular Scentblocker clothing is the S3 antimicrobial technology that aids in odor control. It also has new durable burr resistant three layer fabric with softwarm fleece inside, carbon bonded in the middle and the outermost soft shell. It is also treated for Durable Water Repellency. With the use of this Carbon Scent Clothing, you can enjoy maximum comfort, weather protection and adjustability. The scent blocker also has chest pockets and two lowered zippered pockets in the jacket to keep the handy things. The clothing has an innovative safety harness slit at the back to ensure easy attachment. It also helps during concealment. The tapered neck design of the dress is crafted in a way that it reduces the bulk at the front of neck. It also offers the zipper so that it is comfortable to wear at the chin area.

The scent blocker jackets are easily available in various designs, colors and sizes. In effect, you can also find the blocker jackets with different specifications. You can choose from an array of options such as the super freak jacket having full front zipper, cinch fit system, rear grommet, and two zipper closure lower front pockets and one zippered closure crest pocket. The price of products may vary depending on the specifications of the jacket allowing you to choose the clothing of your choice.

You can also try out the scent blocker smackdown pant developed in a jean style. It has two inset pockets, two carbon button flap pockets, adjustable waist with belt loops and front zipper fly with snap. You too can buy these products and add them to your hunting wardrobe. You would certainly love the amazing clothes that offer a great help in pursuing your passion. There are many firms which offer these clothing and if you too are looking for one of them, it would be wise to check out online. It is advised not to compromise on the quality of clothes as many stores are offering best hunting apparels at an affordable price. It is worth the money spent!

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