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A Beginners Guide To Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are a great boon to those who have had hair loss due to medical conditions like cancer or alopecia. Whatís special about this wig is that no one would be able to recognize that it is a wig. Itís made of whatís known as Remy hair and styled differently to suit the needs of different people. This is one of the main reasons itís causing a stir among celebrities. Although highly recommended for hair loss due to medical condition, any one with the desire to flaunt fabulous hair could invest in a lace front wig. Here is some important information regarding these wigs that you should learn before buying them.

When you consider the cost of lace front wigs, its not too expensive compared to hair extensions done in parlors. These are handmade wigs which are designed and made with care. The best place to buy a lace front wig for a discounted price is the internet. Online shops offer authentic lace wigs with no mix of synthetic lace wigs. If you are looking for variety, do order all the styles you require at once for additional discount. Compare the prices offered by several online stores before deciding which ones cheaper and best.

Attaching lace front wigs could seem like a difficult job but once learnt itís not really tough to follow. Some people prefer getting them attached with the help of specialists in hairstyles. While this is a good idea, you could also do it by yourself if you are tight on budget. You could either use a tape adhesive or a liquid adhesive while attaching a lace front wig. Before applying, itís necessary to make sure that the portion of the head where the lace is going to attached is clean and does not have hair oil.† Once it is attached, you could make use of a scalp protector spray to avoid any harm to the skin.

Removing lace front wigs is easier compared to attaching them.† All you need to do is apply a solvent for the adhesive on the lace portion of the wig. Otherwise, you could also make use of isopropyl alcohol to take off the lace front wig. Wait for a while after application. Now, gently take off the wig. Itís important to clean the wig once you remove it from your head. This is to be done every time before wearing it on again.

The final aspect of lace front wigs to be learnt is the maintenance. If you wish to use your lace front wig for years together, this step is crucial. Washing the wig once in a week is a must. If you are running short on money, you could then wash it once in a fortnight. Since these wigs are made of human hair, you could normal hair products like shampoo, spray and conditioner. If you are investing in a special wig care product, read the instructions thoroughly and make sure you the product is safe for the wig you own.

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