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I Am Turning 20 And Ich Will Einen Freund This Year

Joy is a 20 year old girl who has never had a boyfriend in life. She feels low and surprised when all her friends have boyfriends. After thinking for some time, she has decided to find one.I took time to listen to her story and finally decided to write an article advising Joy and other girls on how to find right boyfriend out there.Before you say “ich suche einen freund” there are essential things to do. Many girls say “ich will einen freund” without giving right reasons. You need first to have right reasons to why you need a boyfriend.  For instance, many look for boyfriends simply because their friends are dating. This might not be the right reason. For those girls who think boyfriends are not necessary, better wait for some years before finding one. Again, if you don’t have the right reason, better wait.

Girls who are sure that they can handle relationships in the right, they need to make their first move. Do not say “ich will einen freund” when you are not sure whether to dive into relationship or not. Once you decide thatich will einen freund, be ready to face the relationship. Am sure you have spotted handsome guys out there. Do not wait until they make first step especially when you need a boyfriend badly.

Absolutely, there is nothing wrong asking guys over this issue. Remember this not the year 1798.When you are telling your boyfriend “ich will einen freund” keep the eye contact and throw classic smile.  Bring all reasons as to why you suggest so.You should speak little words in the first meeting.You don’t have to shout directly that ich suche einen freund, It will look like a mere joke. Suggest for date before you depart from your boyfriend to be.

There are chances that you been rejecting boyfriends who are potential. This is the major weakness of girls. They reject without a reason. If you have been doing so, am sure you don’t a boyfriend and it is hard to find one. That is why you should stay prepared to meet a boyfriend.Others say “ich will einen freund” when they do not have positive attitude. Girls should showpositive attitude to their boyfriends. Again, you show love at first.This is a good way of attracting your boyfriend even without saying “ich suche einen freund”

It takes time to find the right person in life. Girls should dress modesty and in a suggestive way. Don’t wait if you think you have met the right person. Open your heart and speak it out and things will flow like waters.Guys get attracted to those girls who behave well and look smart. In the same way, if a guy approaches you, do not make a rush decision. Calm down and think over this issue before giving your final decision.  Don’t walk to any guy saying that “ich suche einen freund” it displays a bad picture.

Girls should know about ich suche einen freund before approaching boyfriends. The information about ich will einen freund will assist girls have right boyfriends.