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All Without The Prints

In this era of digital, a lot of people keep asking why must i print out the photo? Because i can store them inside my computer, and then view them directly from the monitor.

Yes, maybe we are still young in this moment, everything we can be easily found, from a CD, DVD until a hard drive, because the memory is still so fresh with us, that's why we can just easily find and pick up the photos and spend the whole day just with it.

As time increases, our memory and experiences will also been increases, the place where we keep the photos will also became larger and larger. At that time, do i still can insist that i can easily find out those selected photo?

Furthermore, do you really feel safety to store the whole life memory in those way? I means in the computer, HDD, CD, internet or cloud HDD? How could we know when will those HDD spoil or suddenly in a 'bad mood'? How can we guarantee that they will be always in a good condition even though the people who create it also cannot guarantee anything? Can you have enough time frame to back up the photo before it become spoil?

What will your stories become when it pass to your next generation? You keep only your photos, your sons keep only his/her photos, your grandson of course keep only his/her photos. Photos store in the CD/HDD, then keep it in a big box, will your sons/grandson take it out to view or just put it aside or directly throw it out? I can't imagine what will become the end to your precious photo.

Also, a very touch wood question. If let's say a day, you accidentally lost all your memory, how can you able to distinguish a bag full of the CD/HDD, how are you going to organize them? Where should you start to view the CD/HDD?

The day when you getting old, your eyes suffer illness, do you think that it is easy for you to view photos through computer or through the prints and just hold by your hands? And will your feeling be same at that time for this tangible and non-tangible photos?

Too many question is questioning you. But this is because all without prints, isn't?

Photo prints may be does not show any valuable for you right now, but how about the future? Keep in mind that only fire can destroy your prints, your prints will not suddenly be disappear.

Please don't keep ourselves regret. Start now to maintain those memories and pass them onto family members that will someday treasure your hard work.