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Immortality And Religion

The idea of immortality always draws an emotional response. For many men and women, living forever has been their ultimate goal. A goal that has in one way or another, led them to insanity. Many have become a memorial for others not to follow their zealous and ardent belief that one can live forever. Many religions also address the concept of immortality and have become a fundamental source from which authors, researchers, and scientists draw inspiration. Religion is a source of information that can help people achieve immortality. Some people reject the idea of becoming immortal as their faith and religion is against that very concept. Others agree to it due to certain facts in their religion.

According to Islam,no man can live forever and there is only one exception; Al Khizer, a prophet of Allah that has been bestowed with immortality by Allah. Muslims strongly believe that everyone has to die and meet the maker Allah, and all will be resurrected at the Day of Judgment. For that reason they consider this life a test, a memorial of what is to come, a trial that they must succeed in, so that on the Day of Judgement they are given permission to enter Heaven and can avoid going to Hell. In either case, it will be forever and that will be the immortal life.

Jews and the Christian on the other hand have very different thoughts on immortality. They believe that it is entirely on the person itself to decide whether there will be an afterlife or not. If the person has been good throughout its life, then he/she will be resurrected for an everlasting life, whereas those who have been wicked and have been sinful will be left dead and will not be resurrected at all. Christians have the same beliefs like the Jews on the matter of life and death. They also share many ideas between them and the Muslims on immortality. Their belief is mostly based on the Universal Resurrection of all humans, whether they were Christians or not.

Religions and memorials have played an important role in the creation of ideas and theories on Immortality and for that reason they are sometimes in direct conflict with Science which believes in proofs and scientific reasoning. Recent developments have ensured that technology can be used to slow down the process of aging and help humans live thousands of years. Science has been seen as a memorial for those men and women who have crazily rejected rational thought and who followed vague dreams of attaining everlasting life.

The prominent scientist Aubrey De Grey is now the foremost voice on the matter as he has invented what is called biomedical rejuvenation. This helps in tackling degeneration anddiseases that are found with old age. He believes that when modern science and medicine fails, it is a wise decision to have the person cryogenically preserved so that she/he can be cured when there are more advanced treatments available. This memorial shows that humans might soon discover immortality.

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