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Wanted Windows Active Directory Software Reseller

JIJI TECHNOLOGIES are the global leaders in enterprise security management, auditing and compliance solutions for Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchange and SharePoint based enterprises. Due to our contribution to the IT world, we have earned “Microsoft Gold Partner” award for “Independent Software Vendor” category. But we are not done with this, we are working for excellence to provide the best and lifesaving IT solutions to the enterprises world-wide. Therefore, now with an aim to widen our customer-base world-wide, we would like to have more efficient and enthusiastic partners on the following criteria, namely


Distribution Channel Partner

Reseller Partner

OEM Partner

Referral Partner


Distribution Channel and Reseller Partners:

Distribution Channel and Reseller Partners can gain attractive monetary benefits for promoting sales of our products. If any technical problem arises, our Sales Technicians will be at hand to help the customers.  We will provide you with existing customers’ feedback, regarding reliability and cost worthiness of our products, so that you can assure the new customers. Apart from this, we will regularly update you with our monthly newsletters and emails regarding our new products.



OEM Partner :

After becoming an OEM Partner for JiJi Technologies, you will be able to reap rich gains. If you are already in the field of manufacture and sales of Software Solutions connected to Microsoft Windows, becoming an OEM Partner with us will add a feather on your cap. Since our Solutions are reputed for durability and   trust-worthiness, it will certainly satisfy the requirements, and demands of your valued customers.


Referral Partner:

For referral partners, there can be either full time or part time partnership. We are ready to offer very attractive benefits, based on your sales volume. We can negotiate the terms and conditions to our mutual benefits. Also we will provide them with all kinds of support, to enable them promote our products.


Partnership Scenario:

The partners can be any common person with enthusiasm in software. They can contact enterprises and sell our products, where enormous resource management is required, such as schools, colleges, hospitals, Banks, corporate companies etc. The partners can avail up to 50% of their sales revenue. For example, if a particular partner’s sales worth ten thousand dollars (10,000 $), he can get five thousand dollars (5,000 $) as his share.