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Learn About E-mail Marketing Campaigns

Do you desperately need help in sending emailing marketing campaigns, but unfortunately cannot find the right company that can assist you and guide you step by step? Would you like to have much more time or the right advice in order to know everything there is to know about mailing? Do not fret, due to the fact that the experts from NewsletterSoft are here to help you out!

Often times, people consider that an attractive design is the backbone of e-mailing and the first step to open mailing marketing campaigns, yet an impressive image is not emailing. It is true that we are able to convert any image to an e-mail, but we must not think that by having a sole image our e-mail marketing campaign will not need a layout or footer. Instead, the best thing to do is to create a table, insert a header with text or link and a footer that will follow the same rule. What is more, you are advised to split the respective image in different parts in order to avoid your e-mail to enter the Spam category (this usually happens whenever an image is sent without text) or to wait too long for the downloading process to finish. This latter reason is with respect to the fact that normally, when sending solely a large image people will not bother to wait longer than 10-15 seconds to view the picture of your newsletter, as attractive as it may be. Therefore, it is recommended to split the image in order to avoid all these issues.

Another advantage is that provided we divide the respective image into several parts, then each and every part will have a link to a particular website, whereas if we keep sending just one image, it will offer only a single link. Moreover, every person that downloads the respective images will first of all see the alternative text, so there are plenty of reasons to take action and to write an intelligent text. Here are other tips when using mailing images within emailing marketing campaigns: make sure you optimize the images, due to the fact that it is very important to be able to download them easily, especially when we are in places with poor Internet connection or when using mobile phones. Also, avoid using images that do not fit or background images because a high number of emailing clients do not support this feature.

Another great thing about this company is that it provides us with useful tips on how to improve the rate of e-mail delivery. For instance, the three fields ("From", "Reply to" and "Bounce") generate controversy, due to the fact that people do not know that they must contain the same domain, thus affecting opening of shipments and the important delivery rates. The configuration for the rejected emails is another factor that can lead to problems above mentioned. Yet NewsletterSoft is here to help! Just visit the website and read all you need to know about mailing or about how you can make sure that your marketing campaigns will be sent to your customers with no problems.

Need to get more informed about the emailing services provided by NewsletterSoft? Then go online, to, and read the tips about mailing,as well as articles about campaign templates and the company profile! You will absolutely adore NewsletterSoft!