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How To Avoid Ending Up With A Bad Logo

A logo is your brand, the face of your business, the first thing that people should see like a cover of a book is your logo. Therefore the logo should promote trust, professionalism, high quality products/services and should be memorable and uniquely represent your company and its products and services.  Why do some people start a business and have no logo? Or bother with a cheap logo design that could be more of a loss in the long run and all for saving a few bucks!

Logo design contests

One of the very worst things you could do is to go for a logo design contest. Logo design contests are when there is a website and multiple designers bid to design your logo or other design project.

Why is this so bad?

1. Well firstly the time it takes, it takes quite some time to get various designers to come back to you with logo design work.

2. You don't know if the designers have qualifications or experience in graphic design, they could be students or people who do not have any experience in designing professional brands.  They do not have a client list that you can view at most times.

3. The logo may not be properly prepared for electronic use and especially for printing uses.

Do the contest designers have hard copy Pantone guides where they select the RGB colours from and then ensure that your logo is finalised correctly for professional printing?  
Will they provide you with high resolution vector files or will they design the logo in a low quality raster application?
Do they know what they are doing?
Do they understand what the important steps are to be able to design an effective logo for a professional business?

4.  The quality of the logo design is usually very low, in the long run you could be hurting your businesses image by not promoting trust and not be as successful as you could have been.

Free logos that you create yourself

These type of logos are usually templates, thousands of other companies may end up with the same or similar logo as yours, the logo is not designed to represent your company and its products/services.  There is no research conducted to ensure that the logo suits your company and will be effective.  The logos may not promote trust and may be unprofessional.  You will not receive all the files you require, many times you will only receive a JPEG file which is low quality and not suitable for printing.

Ensure that you get feedback from your target market

This does not mean that you go to a few family member and friends, you need to ask the people that you want to sell your products/services to.  While their feedback is important it is also important that you listen to your designers recommendations.

Listen to your designer

Ensure that you listen to your designer and give them the chance to show you what they know and what they recommend for you, if you select an experienced designer there experience should be valuable to you.


Andrea is the author of this article on business image. Find more information, about brand design here