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The Significance Of A Thorough Criminal Search

Criminal rates have tended to rise up in major cities in the world. Many people are being killed, robbery is in the high rate, rape cases, car jacking, child trafficking are the few among many other crimes that are done in our day to day lives. These crimes should not be ignored because they are doing more harm and pain to your lives. In many cases, the criminals go unpunished because some never get caught and others due to corruption go freely and still commit the same crimes. It is advisable for the policemen to keep on checking the criminal history after being set free.

The murderers leave among us and unless a thorough criminal search is done to eliminate them, they will always be the cause of your pain for losing a loved one. They range from serial killers to single killers. At times, they are given instructions by specific people to kill someone. The one, who gives instructions for other fellow human beings to be killed, is a lawbreaker and is supposed to be tracked down and put under police custody. If they only get the murderer, the instructor will get another murderer and the crime will continue.

In cases of employment, for the employers, you should ensure that all new employees are supposed to start work with a statement from the police showing that there is no criminal report in their records. If this is not done, you can employ thieves or even murders who can create a lot of chaos in the working environment. When an employee is killed by one of their fellows, it can actually chase away customers and traumatize the other workers. As an employer, you will be questioned as to why you never considered useful to check if they have ever violated the laws in any way.

A thorough criminal search is essential because, you get that there are so many women and kids who are raped on daily basis. They suffer trauma of the rape, and they are also at a risk of getting sexual transmitted diseases. The rape crime continues since those rapists are not tracked down and put under police custody. Some of them rape to kill and all this can be controlled by the police investigating on where the rape scenes are on the rise and perform a severe search on where they leave. This will reduce the number of rape crimes and the women will be free to walk anywhere.

Many of parents suffer emotional death due to the lose of their kids. Many of the kids are stolen by the house helps, because they trust them. The parents have the responsibility of ensuring that the house helps they get, have no criminal history. If they donít do that, they are putting their kids at a risk of been abducted. The child traffickers can be posing as househelps moving from one house to another looking for jobs and stealing kids. They should be tracked and arrested.