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No Win No Fee Claims – How Will You Benefit From It

Accidents come in many forms and can injure you in many levels of seriousness that can make you decide to file a personal injury accident claim.  While all claims for compensation are covered by law of negligence,   the potential pitfalls and the different requirements vary according to the type of claim being filed.  The most common types of personal injury claims resulting from accidents include claims on vehicular or road traffic accidents, work-related accidents, slips and trips, medical negligence and many more instances that will entitle you to file an accident compensation claim.

If you have been involved in any type of accident, you should immediately seek the advice of an experienced and qualified personal injury attorney regarding accident claims. The attorney that you should choose should have specialization in personal injury compensation.  He should be competent enough to assess your case and determine the amount of compensation that you should claim.  Your lawyer will make the complicated legal processes simple for you and represent your case in court, if it reaches that point. However, your claim should be a no win no fee claim, and you should sign an agreement with your solicitor.

This type of claim is known as a conditional fee and is usually used in the English legal system, also in Wales.   In the United States it is known as a contingent fee.  It means that lawyers will only get their fees if the case is settled favorably out of court, or if the lawsuit is successful.  Today, this is more commonly called the no win no fee, an agreement between you and your personal injury lawyer.

A no win no fee claim means that your solicitor will handle your claim process but will not charge you his professional fee.  It will come from your opponent.  This scheme is possible only if your accident claim is won and so the other party loses and will be ordered to pay the attorney’s fee.  There are other benefits  that you will get when you sign a no win no fee agreement with an accident lawyer.  These are as follow.

When a personal injury lawyer takes your accident claim case, you know immediately that you have a sound case.  He will not agree to sign a no win no fee agreement with you if he is not pretty sure that you will win.  The reason for this is because he will only get his fee payment if you win.

You will be given an excellent legal service.  Your solicitor will make sure that you get your full compensation, doing his very best because his fee will depend only on his winning your no win no fee claim.

You are assured to receive 100 per cent of your compensation amount.  Not a penny will be deducted from it.  All expenses will be recovered from the losing party.

If you lose your no win no fee claim, you have nothing to lose.  The agreement you signed with your solicitor states that you are not required to pay your lawyer his legal services.

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