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Understanding The Concept Of Football Odds

Football has been one of the most played and most viewed sports all over the world. This is a game that is played by almost all countries, albeit with a few differences. Each year, there are a number of people who make money when prominent football tournaments are in season not by selling products, but by placing bets to earn the betting bonus and other rewards. There are many people who get on to the football betting wagon each year with the hopes of being able to make some spare cash. While some of them end up making money, there are a few who lose because of making poor choices. If you are planning to foray into the world of football betting, you need to understand the football odds and its various types before you start placing bets.

Before exploring the different types of football odds, it is first important to understand what they are. In the world of football betting, each team that is playing a particular tournament is assigned numbers. These numbers are displayed beside the respective teams on the betting screen. These numbers are called the betting odds. If you want to increase the chances of earning a betting bonus and some rewards, then you have to learn how to interpret these odds and place the right bet. These odds represent the chances of that particular team winning the game. It is calculated by bookmakers based on various factors. Instead of just relying on one bookmaker, look up the odds mentioned by the other bookmakers and choose a team that has consistently high odds on the board.

When you see the football odds that are displayed on the board, they have either a + or a _ sign in front of them. Most people assume that the + sign implies that the team is a favourite. However, this is wrong. In the betting world, if you want to be assured of the betting bonus, bet on team that have a - preceding their numbers since they are the top favorites.

Now that you know what football odds are, it is time to find out the various types you can choose from. One of the most common odds that are preferred not only by bookmakers, but also those who place bets to earn the rewards and the betting bonus is decimal odds. This is also referred to as the continental or European odds since it is prevalent largely in the UK and other European countries. It is a preferred choice for many since the concept is easy to understand. You can easily arrive at the amount of money you will earn per stake if you win the bet by reading the decimal odds well. In order to make the calculations accurate, bookmakers adjust the odds to the first two decimal places.

The moneyline football odds are betting odds that are prominent in the United States of America. Also known as American odds, these odds have a basis of 100. In addition to these two odds, there are also fractional odds that are popular in UK and Ireland.

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