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The Google Updates And Search Engine Optimisation Cornwall Companies

 Google is one of the world’s most used search engines. Any website that is interested in catering to a global audience would like to be ranked high on the Google SERP list. However, finding a spot in the top 10 is a task that is easier said than done. Search engine optimisation Cornwall companies leverage various techniques to help websites increase their ranking. Over a period of time, the quality of the results began to deteriorate. Google is not a company that is going to sit back and watch things take a turn for worse. Therefore, this company regularly makes changes to its algorithms to ensure the quality of the results on the SERP list does not go down the drain.


Two of the latest updates from Google, the Panda and Penguin update, have caused a huge furor in the world of the internet. Many websites that enjoyed the privilege of high rankings despite poor content were in for a shock. Most of them were either banned or downgraded based on their content and other features. If your website was one of those that bore the impact of these updates, you need to hire the services of the best Cornwall SEO company that has a good knowledge of the changes and can make suitable changes to get your website back on track.


If your website has been downgraded on the SERP list, it is important to first learn about the reason for this. Therefore, the first thing that the search engine optimisation Cornwall companies will do when you approach them is to run a thorough check on your entire website to determine the flaws. This will help them gain an insight into the various aspects that need to be reworked to get the website back on track. Once the Cornwall SEO companies identify the flaws, it becomes simpler to find the solutions to overcome these loopholes.



Backlinking is an important strategy that forms an integral part of search engine optimisation. However, not all backlinks are considered to be ideal for the websites. Those sites that had links coming in from poor quality websites were the ones that were penalised. In order to overcome this flaw, the Cornwall SEO companies will look into the sources of the links. The search engine optimisation Cornwall firms will eliminate the links that look suspicious and replace them with links from credible sources.


The worst impacted sites when Panda and Penguin updates were rolled out were the ones that had poor quality content. Most of the websites used spun content or rewritten content to cut costs, and yet get ahead of their competitors. This was one of the leading reasons why the quality of the results on the SERP list deteriorated. In order to overcome this problem, the Cornwall SEO firms will go through the content of the website and remove the ones that do not live up to the mark. The search engine optimisation Cornwall companies then replace this content with fresh content written from scratch.

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