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Increasing Page Speed In Your Website

The page speed of a URL may well determine of users will hang around long enough to use the content. A bad loading experience will cause users to shun a website in all their future endeavors. Traffic may keep on declining without the webmaster knowing the reason why. Website speed optimization service can rescue the situation and will lead to a better user experience. Websites that depend on pay per click are particularly hard hit though all websites need good traffic flow.

Page speed optimization is considered to be part of SEO work because when the user experience improves, traffic grows and search engines crank up the rankings. This chain of events can be repeated until the website features on the first page of most searches. The reason for decrease of web page speed usually has to do with content that consists of large file sizes. The constant buffering and HTML requests slow down the page speed even with good internet connections. Compression is necessary but it is only one of the many tweaks that the page speed service provides. Since the service is a manual process, the turnaround time depends on the number of web pages in the website.

Increasing page speed is not as easy as it sounds. The code must be as clean and as simplified as possible. It is a manual job by coders who give a methodical approach of the script writing, image compression and video embedding. E-tags are also configured and DNS lookups are reduced. The result is that the web pages are as light as possible and hence fast loading. After web speed optimization, the page speed is measured in comparison with the initial speed. The service offers the highest possible page speed for any website submitted. At least the page loading score should be 90 and above.

There are certain page speed rules that the service offers. These are based on web design best practices that are recommended by authorities such as Google. The web page optimization report is done for popular browsers such as Firefox and Google chrome. This ensures that the user has the same experience when logging on from any workstation. Online visibility for new visitors and a good reputation to older users is key for the purpose of any website. When pages freeze up and functions do not work, it is only meal time for the website’s competition.

One can identify a good website speed optimization service by viewing testimonials and reviews. The service should guarantee a high speed score or your money back. You can judge the importance of the page speed for your website by using the tool to check current speed. To keep the rich website functions and still load pages faster, the trick of cache-control header is used. Among the other elements that are reduced are; page size, JavaScript and the style sheet. Minimalism is the key as many web designers may not have considered these factors instead laying emphasis on design and function. The website speed optimization service will advise on how to make changes in the web server to improve page speed.

Cambrie Ayalisse is the author of this article on Page Speed. Find more information on Website Speed Optimization here