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How To Handle Google’s April Update

The Google 2012 April update enhances the surveillance of companies who promote web sites by using unnatural links, links that are falsely associated with one site in order to direct traffic to another site. This article provides information about the Google unnatural link update, geared toward to site owners who must deal with this enhanced oversight.


Many website owners who have received a warning in light of the Google 2012 April update may be concerned about how to handle the issue of unnatural links in the future. The first step in making the transition to better, safer, and more reputable SEO and link building practices is to disconnect the site from any agencies or individuals who do not adhere to the guidelines enforced by the Google unnatural link update.


Questions to ask of your site’s SEO agency or technique might be: Does my agency buy and sell links?

Is my site linked to irrelevant or disconnected web pages?


Is my page linked to particular brands or companies, whose advertisements have nothing to do with my product?


If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it’s time to reconsider your link-building strategy, or the link-building package you’ve purchased from an SEO consulting firm. If Google has already sent you a warning indicating that they have found unnatural links to your site, find out what these bad links look like and how they may have affected the image of your company. Next, hire a company who uses tactics that are ethical, reputable, and effective.


One such company is GAMIT, an SEO optimization agency who creates one-way themed links manually in order to best serve each client’s individual interest. For example, the Google unnatural update link aims to shut down any agencies that “link-bomb” a variety of web pages; that is, the Google 2012 update sets out to eliminate the repetition of links across hundreds of thousands of web pages. This repetition decreases the quality of a Google web search and frankly, can decrease the reputation of the site whose name is behind all of the links. GAMIT will not repeat content in more than 50 locations, in accordance with the Google unnatural link update. 


Of course, because the Google 2012 April update, unlike its predecessors, enforces penalties immediately, site owners may have to deal with the infractions caused by past practices, including a temporary plummet in search engine rankings. Fear not, however, your company will not go off the grid permanently. It is possible to recover so long the right choices are made in the future. For instance, always be sure to work with content writers and link builders like those at GAMIT who does all of their work above bar and use varied types of links that demonstrate an understanding of their client’s mission.

The Google Unnatural Link Update and the Google 2012 April update, are addressed at GAMIT’s web site. Top seo consulting services can help your site and business.