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6 Seo Mistakes You Must Avoid

Mistake #1 – Overuse of keywords. I can’t stress the importance of this enough. Having too much keywords sprinkled throughout your site can lead to your site coming off as “spammy” by Google and you will be punished.

Mistake #2 – Link farming. Getting a bunch of low quality back links from other sites only says one thing – Your site is of low quality. Always strive to get high quality back links from authority sites.


Mistake #3 – SEO Softwares – These are the banes of SEO. Google does not approve of any dodgy software that claims to boost SEO, get you a bunch of backlinks or write articles for you.


Mistake #4- Blackhat SEO techniques. These stuff have been coined in the early internet marketing days. Back then they were useful, now they have been shunned by Google and anyone caught using it will be severely punished and be banned from being found on the search engines.


Mistake #5 –No social interactions. The world is interconnected now, and the almightly Google recognizes this by now rewarding people who include social interactions into the mix. Get people to connect with you via blog commenting, social sharing and other stuff if you want good SEO.


Mistake #6 – Too little content. Typically, you need at least 100 blog posts before your website can be found on Google significantly. If you lack the content, it’s time to get your mojo on.