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Waterline Controls, Not Your Average Float Switch

One of the most important aspects about cooling towers, boilers, building fire systems and many other models presented by Waterline Controls is tracking and controlling them with the use of building automated systems. Water level management is a key component in the operating system. By using dry-contact integration outputs the critical function is easily found and commanded. Also the Waterline Controls units come as kits with electronic water level controls, sensor and mounting assemblies.

These important facts have been determined thru ought a time period time, exceeding over 20 years of experience and dedicated work in the field of water control and containment. Waterline Controls offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee along with our Lifetime Limited Warranty so you can be sure you are getting the best float switch, water level switch, cooling tower and many other products for the best value you can expect.

As many pieces tend to break apart over time they need replacement. In the case of water tanks when a piece demands replacement it usually mean that the entire construct has to be replaced. Waterline Controls has come across this issue more then once, and instead of making stronger more durable pieces for each model, it has decided to create parts that adapt to the system for a much more economical and time saving purchase. All of Waterline Controls models easily and quickly integrate with existing building automation systems. This allows the operator to continuously monitor and evaluate water consumption and usage.

Need a float switch or water level switch that matches the one your worn out BAC*, Evapco* and Marley* cooling tower units had? Waterline Controls has exactly what you need. For example: our modular liquid level sensors guarantee trouble-free level control. These water level controls will eliminate the hassle and frustration normally associated with existing float switches, ultrasonic or other electric level controls by an OEM.

Unlike a great deal of our competitors, our well water holding tank sensors are designed for use in water, resulting in little or no need for calibration during the install. All the components of our units, level controllers and liquid level sensors, are made right here in the U.S.A., where we monitor every step of the manufacturing process that gives us the confidence to guarantee your satisfaction.

Waterline Controls has a vast line of applications that include the water level switch, the float switch, boiler water level controls, fire holding tanks, cooling towers, treatment plants, water surge tanks, well water holding tanks. But we don’t expect everyone’s tastes to be as easy to please, we know that everyone has idea and principles which need only the best parts so if the part you chose from us doesn’t work we will take it back – period.