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The Safety Of Your Home Against Wet Rot Dundee Can Be Addressed By Investing On Good Preventive Measures.

Homes should be safe from risks, but what if the risk is not human, or caused by nasty weather. What if the risk is already inside? Wreaking havoc slowly but with obvious detrimental effects? The most common risks in the UK would be wet rot and woodworm Perth. These common risks can have a significant effect on your home, weakening timber structures, and making your wooden floors and walls ugly and unsightly. While these two issues come from different sources, they are both caused by a specific risk: humidity. The effects of dampness in your home or the presence of leakage in the floors, walls and ceilings can lead to slow destruction of your house. Here are some essential tips on how to avoid the presence of wet rot Dundee and Woodworm in your house.


If the house is damp and clammy from the inside, then there is a problem with your ventilation. This could lead to moisture seeping through your home, and this could lead to a possible increase the risks of woodworms. The good news is that ventilation issues are very easy to manage. Wet areas like laundry rooms and bathrooms as well as kitchens should be implemented with an exhaust fan to vent the wet air outside and avoid the moisture from permeating or being released inside the house. This reduces the risks of condensation.

Damp proofing

Damp proofing the home is also a vital aspect in ensuring that your home does not feel wet or clammy during the hot months. A damp course is a vital investment for homes that are often at risk of wet rot Dundee and Woodworm Perth. If the damp course has been damaged, the moisture coming from the soil could creep up through wooden beams, brick structures and this could affect the home even if there are no obvious leaks and problems present in the house. A physical membrane that is water proofed can be used to prevent the soil moisture from entering the home and increasing the risks of wet rot and woodworm.

Plumbing and roofing

Leakages through pipes, drainages and waterways on the roof can cause moisture to creep into the home, affect wooden floors, timber structures and other wooden products inside the home either directly or indirectly. It is very important to have your roof and plumbing checked at least every few years. This is to ensure that the home will be safe from possible compromises and not just wet rot Dundee or woodworm Perth but also other possible concerns.

Investing on good contractors and home preservation specialists are ideal for any serious home owner. We buy homes and pay expensive mortgages to ensure our safety. A little investment on our home’s safety is not a bad thing at all. This small investment can make sure our homes are free from possible risks and that we are safe from paying extremely big cost for new timber and installation services. Your home may be at risk and you do not even know about it.

Securing your home is always a big but worthy investment. We offer home preservation services to fight risks of wet rot Dundee and Woodworm Perth. Visit our website and learn more about this unique solution for your home.