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Questions You Should Ask Flooring Perth Contractors Before Hiring Them

Hiring flooring Perth contractors is a tricky task considering that there are so many different options to deal with. You can pick details of timber flooring Perth contractors online, from Yellow Pages or even from friends or family members. However, high quality flooring for your house to achieve the right kind of look could be an expensive affair and not usually undertaken too many times. That is why picking the right contractors is extremely critical. A few questions would always help you make a good choice. You should always start with a decent number of contractors who usually provide free estimates and quotes for the floor and the material you pick.

Depending on whether you want exotic floors, hardwood floors, laminate floors, bamboo floors or floors on sale, flooring Perth contractors could quote different prices. You need to double check what the price quote exactly includes. In some cases, it is just the cost of the plank while in some cases it could include the cost of the material, the cost of installation, beading and underlay and the cost of rubbish removal and cleanup, all put together. Hence, what seems like an inflated value could end up being the most economical solution based on what the bamboo, laminate or timber flooring Perth contractors offer. It is also important to understand a thing or two about the material that the contractor is willing to supply because the planks vary in thickness and width quite a bit, not to mention the wide range of exquisite finishes that are supplied by some contractors.

You can also ask the flooring Perth contractors about the quality of the material. There are premium grade materials, factory seconds available at lower prices, pre-finished materials and materials that are engineered for a decent set of properties. Timber flooring Perth contractors also need to be questioned about the kind of finish they could offer given the wide variety of hardwood options available like rosewood, oak wood, cherry and teak. Other wood finishes include eucalyptus, maple, beech and antique pine which are chosen quite often too. You must also ask about the kind of final touches provided to the material. This is because hand scraping and sculpting, sanding and polishing are provided by the contractors to enhance the grain structure so that it exudes exotic charm to create a scintillating look.

You have to ask the flooring Perth contractors about the installation techniques. Quite a few techniques like direct stick flooring, click floating, strip floating and one strip floating are used based on the quality of the material. In some cases, adhesives are avoided altogether thus preventing the obnoxious smell or formaldehyde emission that can be seen with cheaper flooring varieties. Nailing or stapling is also used by some timber flooring Perth contractors. It is important to check with the contractors if they can suggest the kind of material based on the heat and moisture levels of the ground as well as the subfloor on which the flooring will be done.


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