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Nullifire Paints Act As A Shield Against Fire

Fire was a great discovery in the development of mankind but if left unchecked it can be disastrous. Fire safety has thus assumed great importance to prevent loss of human life, loss of property and loss of commerce and business. The advancement in architectural science has made possible the use of steel in construction to strengthen and reinforce the structure. But such a structure too can be destroyed by fire. Nullifire offers the only solution to prevent steel and wood from fire damage. Of the many products created by the company intumescent paint provides the most effective fire safety solution. Intumescent paint contractors are the experts in this field.

Fire is a hazard that is difficult to control and fire safety measures have to be rigidly followed in building safety norms. In passive fire control the thrust is to prevent the fire from spreading and to safeguard the structure from destruction. Nullifier has created intumescent paint for steel and wood. It forms a coating on steel which reduces the chance of the metal from directly heating up and eventually maintains its load bearing strength. This paint should be applied only by hands trained by the company itself such that the application is perfect. Intumescent paint contractors are aware that the efficiency in painting increases the efficacy of fire prevention.

Intumescent paint is a water-based paint which can protect the steel and wood from ill effects of fire for up to 2 hours. Intumescent paint contractors get their painters to first prepare the steel surface. Then a coat of primer is applied before the all important base coat painted and eventually top sealed for protecting the paint. The base coat is a combination of carbon supplier, acid source and expanding agent, melamine. When temperature increases, due to chemical reaction the coating expands several times its original thickness and forms a layer of char which insulates the substance beneath the paint. Nullifier runs an extensive training programme for installation and application either in-house or on site.

The paint invented by Nullifire has been a pioneer for nearly 3 to 4 decades and is suitable for structures where exposed steel is part of the design. It can also be used for beams which have gaps and holes to aid in service. Intumescent paint contractors use the paint as a coat or film. It is not space occupying and the film is lightweight. Its application is cost effective as it can be applied faster than other fire preventive systems. The top seal acts as a decorative layer and is available in various designs, giving the paint easy to clean surface which contains no fibre and is dust free.

Intumescent paint contractors have technicians who are trained and certified by third party fire expert agencies. They are recommended by building regulations approving bodies, so you can completely trust them with the job of fire protection. Nullifire has been associated with best architects and contractors for prestigious projects like airport terminals, sports stadia and state-of-the-art commercial buildings. Trained specialists can take up new projects right from planning stage or refurbishment contracts. So, for your dream project do not wait for passive fire resistance employ the best in this arena and rest in peace. Intumescent paints are the best solution as they are eco friendly, non toxic, cost effective and beautiful as well.

Nullifire is the best solution for protecting the all steel look of your building. For a complete fire protective cover intumescent paint contractors are to be contacted.