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Kinds Of Mattresses

Mattresses are manufactured goods made from different materials that are used for sleeping or lolling. There are a lot of saltele that is now offered in the market that will best suit your needs. A wide variety of mattresses are offered in local stores and even online whether you prefer the hard type for your back or the soft one for comfort. The oldest type of mattress is the saltele cu arcuri which is still popular in this day and age. A spring mattress is made of coils that are evenly distributed for support and comfort. Foam mattresses are for people who desire for comfort. This kind of mattress corresponds to the shape of the individualís position while sleeping. Air mattress is not only intended for visitors but to the household members as well. This kind of mattress can be adjusted to a firm bed for those seeking for back support or a soft bed for those who desire for comfort. For individuals who want absolute comfort, there is a waterbed made for you. Waterbed is like a foam mattress but softer and provides better conforming.

Spring mattress

Saltele cu arcuri is a bed that provides back support. Coils can be different in size, shape and distribution and may or may not be comfortable for some people. Coils can be hourglass-shaped, barrel-shaped and knotted and may be thick or thin in diameter. In you opt for this kind of saltele, choose the spring that best supports your back.

Foam mattress

There are three kinds of materials used in making foam mattresses and those are polyutherane foams, visco-elastic foams and latex rubber. The most common type of foam mattress is the visco-elastic foam also known as the memory foam. While this kind of mattress provides comfort, it is not intended for people who have back support. This saltele uniquely conforms to the shape of the individualís position for guaranteed comfort.

Air mattress

Air mattresses are popular because of the convenience when having visitors to sleep over. The best thing about an air mattress is that you can adjust the amount of air infused. Firm bed like the saltele cu arcuri is ideal for people who needs back support while the soft ones are for those who are looking for comfort. Nowadays, air mattresses are now more stylish compared to the old-fashioned ones.


If youíre looking for a mattress that will provide ultimate comfort, waterbed is the best choice. Just like foam mattresses, it also conforms to your position while sleeping. If youíre looking for a soft mattress but just canít find the right one, opt for a waterbed.

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