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Home Addition Plans To Add To The Value Of Your Home

If you have a growing family, it automatically translates into more things and crammed spaces inside the house. Growing kids have a lot of requirements in terms of space and things. You also start to receive more visitors in the form of friends and relative. This is when you need to think about home addition. In fact, a look at the reasons why people go for house extensions tells you that need for space is the most compelling reason. However, making additions to a home is not an easy joke as it requires not just money but also time and effort on the part of the homeowner.

You have several options in terms of home additions
The first step towards home addition involves looking at your space needs and then planning what can be done to meet these needs in the best possible manner. If you have utilized all available space inside your house and still feel squeezed out, you have the option of going down (making a basement), going up (constructing a new floor), or going out (increasing the length and breadth of the house). The design of the addition is dependent upon your existing structure as any home addition should not look like a patch but should blend with the existing structure and look aesthetically pleasing.

Adding new structures takes time and money
Best house extensions are such that they not only fulfill the space requirements of the inmates but also add substantially to the market value of the house. In addition, these new structures are designed and built to make the house look more beautiful than before. Although you are the best judge of what you want from these house extensions, DIY approach is not always prudent as it is the job of a specialist. You need to hire the services of not only an architect but also the contractor who would carry out the construction as per the plan made by the architect.

You need to undertake some research before moving ahead and indulging in home addition. Is your requirement of space not that big to justify additions of new rooms and just increasing the size of the existing rooms can solve the problem? This way you can save on your hard earned money as construction of new rooms is very costly and it takes anywhere between $100 and $200 per square foot of new construction. Looking after the finances is also a major concern for the homeowner who has decided in favor of a home addition. If the budget of the whole exercise is around $50000, it is better to have a sum of money 20-25% more than this figure as there is often cost escalation while completing the project throwing all plans off gear.

Consulting friends and relatives who have gone for house extensions lately is a good idea as you can learn a lot from their experiences. This is an exercise that will also help you in finalizing the right contractor who will carry out house extensions.

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