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Ensuring The Right Care For Teak Garden Furniture

Teak garden furniture is expensive as compared to the items made using other types of wood. Whether you have wooden storage units or any other furniture items made using teak, it is imperative to ensure they are well taken care of, especially if they are placed outdoors. Teak is considered to be one of the most beautiful and durable types of wood that can last for ages. When you buy brand new teak furniture, they will have a honey brown hue associated to them, which is the natural colour of this wood. However, when you place these furniture items outside on the patio, backyard or garden, you will notice a change in colour over a period of time. The honey brown colour of the teak changes into a grayish hue. It is the constant exposure to the dynamic weather conditions that brings about this change. But, this is definitely not the sign of the furniture losing its strength. This is a natural phenomenon that reveals the quality of the teak. However, there are other signs of deterioration that may appear over a period of time, if these furniture items are not taken care of well. Here are a few quick tips that can help you maintain teak outdoor furniture in their prime for years on end.

Teak garden furniture can embellish any outdoor spaces and bring in a sense of beauty, coupled with functionality. However, placing wooden storage units such as storage racks or even tables and chairs made of teak out in the Sun can result in early damage. In addition to this, exposure to the Sun can also lead to the development of cracks on the surface of the furniture due to the loss of moisture and natural oils present in it, thereby making the furniture brittle and weak. Though the outdoor furniture is certainly designed to tolerate the varying weather conditions, the harsh UV rays of the Sun can rob the furniture of its natural sheen. The best way to ensure the shiny surface does not fade is to place these furniture items under shade, which protects them from direct exposure to the Sun.

Dusting the teak garden furniture and the outdoor wooden storage units regularly with a soft cloth is another way to ensure they last long. This will remove the fine dust that settles on these furniture items since they are placed outdoors. Bird poop and other stains are also a common occurrence. Since these are acidic in nature, they may cause damage to the surface if not cleaned periodically. At least once a week, ensure you give the furniture items a good wash to remove all the dirt, debris and stains. However, it is imperative to follow up the wash with a thorough drying procedure. It is imperative to dry the furniture items completely to eliminate moisture which can damage the wood.

Finally, during the rainy season and the winter, teak garden furniture is hardly used. Therefore, it is recommended that you store them indoors till the weather begins to improve.

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