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Different Methods Of Professional Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Most homes have a rug or a carpet. Rugs and carpet not only offer a lot of warmth but also enhance the look of any room. However, cleaning your rug or carpet can be quite a cumbersome job. You may try out various vacuum cleaners, cleaners that are specialized for cleaning rugs and carpets but there comes a time when seeking professional help is the only course of action. Shaw Industries, the largest carpet manufacturer in the world always recommends professional carpet cleaning over do it yourself cleaning. Hence, it makes total sense to call professionals for carpet cleaning Dublin or rug cleaning Dublin.

While a rug or a carpet is essential in every UK home it is also a hotbed for all sorts of dusts, dirt and germs. If you have a pet at home then the situation is even worse. Hair from your pet is bound to get nestled inside the crevices of rugs and carpets. The problem is that you cannot even see these microscopic allergens. But if there is a kid at home or if there is someone at home that has breathing trouble an unclean carpet or rug can be quite a bother. As mentioned, you will be able to generally clean your rug or carpet with a vacuum cleaner. But there is no way you can remove all the dirt and dust. Professional carpet cleaning Dublin or rug cleaning Dublin at recommended intervals is the only way to go.

Professionals for carpet cleaning Dublin or rug cleaning Dublin use various methods for cleaning your rug or carpet.

The most common cleaning method is perhaps the shampooing method. In this method a lot of foam is generated in the carpet using stable foam. This foam is allowed to dry and the residue attracts all the dirt and dust. The residue is then vacuumed to clean the rug or the carpet.

Dry cleaning is another method which involves almost zero use of water. In this method a dry absorbent chemical is applied into the carpet using a specialized apparatus. This chemical attracts all the dirt and dust and is then sucked. Stubborn stains can also be removed by more use of the compound.

The Bonnet Method is an adaptation of hard floor spray buffing. In this method a rotary brush drives wet or dry pads after the rug or the carpet has been sprayed with a cleaning solution. The pad picks up the cleaning solution along with the dirt and dust.

External Extraction or steam cleaning is the most effective carpet cleaning method because it can do deep cleaning. In this method fine water sprays force out the dirt and this dirt is immediately sucked in by a vacuum that is placed right in front of the spray.

For carpet cleaning Dublin or rug cleaning Dublin it is important to shortlist some professionals and discuss with them what you need. They may come for an inspection and then recommend the best cleaning method for your rug or carpet.

Carpet manufacturers always recommend professional carpet or rug cleaning. Pay heed and call professionals for carpet cleaning Dublin or rug cleaning Dublin.