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All You Need To Know About Airconditioner

Airconditioner or simply AC is a device that performs the process of air conditioning. Air conditioning means to alter the condition of air according to the desired. This machine is used to get comfort. It does not mean only the process of cooling. The HVAC Air conditioners can change the conditions of the atmosphere, it can warm, to lessen the humidity, to clean the air, to ventilate and air movement and many more. It is a home appliance for changing the temperature of a particular area.

Airconditioner was firstly invented by an engineer in Brooklyn, New York, USA back in 1902. The name of the young electrical engineer was Willis Haviland Carrier. The very first AC was also not developed to cool the environment even. The purpose of this machine was de-humidification. He was working for a paper publishing company where inking process became very difficult because of the humidity. He blew the air inside the cold vessels, this air got cool. As we know that the cool air is unable to carry moisture so humidity was reduced simply. This process not only reduced the humidity but also the temperature of the plant giving birth to a new technology.

The cooling process in airconditioner is normally performed with the help of refrigeration process, the same one used in refrigerators. However, evaporation might also be used to make cooling. A complete structure that contains heating, cooling and ventilation characteristics is termed as HVA typically. There is another method of cooling known as free cooling. In free cooling, there is a pump which circulates a cooling agent normally glycol mix between source and destination. Free cooling is efficient in terms of its performance and often combined with STES to use the cold of winter in summer cooling. During refrigeration cycle, a heat pump basically transfers the heat from source to sink. Heat flows naturally in opposite direction we know.

Early ACs used toxic gases like ammonia, propane or methyl chloride that could be fatal for the health of masses on getting leaked. Thomas Midgley was the first one who invented the non-flammable and non-toxic airconditioner using the Freon gas.

There are different types of ACs:
1. Window AC or through-wall AC:
These are the most common and old HVAC Air Conditioners being used across the world widely. They are fitted in the walls of a room or seated somewhere inside the room with their exhaust outside. The cool air is blown inside the room with the help of a fan. The outer fan blows out the warm air outside. They consume a lot of energy in terms of electricity.
2. Split Systems:

Split airconditioner systems have two parts in it. One is called outdoor unit and the other is termed as indoor. Outdoor unit is mounted on the wall outside the room and acts like an exhaust while the indoor unit is inside the room keeping the temperature according to the requirement. They consume less energy in terms of electricity. Hence, split systems are more efficient as compared to Window ACs.

When you are looking to get rid of all your airconditioner related problems then you must go for HVAC air conditioners as they are the best in the business nowadays.