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Who Should Leave A Legacy?

How you live matters to someone. Your legacy is the combination of what you achieved, learned and accomplished with your time on earth. Each of us creates a footprint of our legacy through the memories of what we meant to our children, grandchild, family and friends but those memories will fade in time. When you create your legacy, you decide what to share and who your want to know your legacy.

Your legacy and the stories of growing up, going to school, family, friends and falling in love with your spouse are invaluable to your family and friends. Your children & grandchild want to know your history, memories and lessons learned. Your way of life will be radically different than what future generations will experience. They wonít know what it was like to watch a black and white TV, dial a rotary phone or pay .69 cents for a gallon of gas.† These days are long gone but at the time they were a bid deal.† Taking the time to share your experience and what you learned was most important to you will help them connect with their past.

Future generations need to feel a connection with their past and sharing your legacy will provide that missing link.† The lessons you learned & values you hold are all keys to what shaped you. Itís important that people do not forget where they came from. If they do, they risk making the same mistakes. By sharing your legacy you are helping future generations learn, grow and appreciate the early sacrifices that lead to their comforts.

Life is a journey and what makes it worthwhile is the climb: the people we meet, the lessons we learned, the ups and downs and pivotal moments. Every experience helped shape who we are. Maybe you didnít have a great childhood and vowed to be a great parent. Maybe you worked too much and didnít invest enough in your own children. Perhaps you got married at to your high school sweetheart at 18 and even though you struggled, know you wouldnít change a single day or moment. When creating your legacy, you should take a moment to the memories that mattered most to you.† These are the memories you should share in your legacy.

We live in a digital world and whether you like it or not, a portion of your identity is online. Snapshots of your identity are available to nearly anyone and somethingís we wish were private remain public.† Your story fills in the blanks shallow facts cannot because what the online world cannot convey is the true picture of who you are and what matters most to you. If you donít create your legacy, the only information people will have to paint their picture of you are these facts and comments made by other people.††

If you are wondering who will be the people to benefit the most out of Your Legacy, then you should know that your children will be the first and then their children will follow. Leave a Legacy for the people you love.