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Things To Know When Employing A Nanny In Montreal

When someone intends to hire a nanny, letís presume we deal with the case of a live out nanny in Montreal, there are a few things that have to be known by the employer. It is essential to know them because the law requires so and conflicts or illegal actions should be avoided. The usual way to hire Montreal nannies is to look for an employment agency or to search in specialised directories where one can find the right person. In the case the nanny is employed by the agency, there are only few things to do, but in the case the nanny is hired directly by the family, things are more complicated.

As an employer, certain obligations have to be met and they do not limit to paying tax, buying workplace insurance, or paying the contributions to the Canada pension Plan and Employment Insurance. Minimum standards have to be respected with respect to employment conditions. To find out exactly what is necessary in such situations, the provincial Ministry of Labour and Revenue Canada are expected to provide any information required.

Anyway, the importance of having correct paperwork is huge. This means the employer recognises the professional status of the nanny and is committed to maintaining correct work relations with her. This is also a guarantee for the nanny that the employer is serious and will treat her right.

When hiring a nanny in Montreal, the employer has to respect the employment standards of the province. Montreal nannies are categorised as domestic workers in most cases and the provincial Ministry of Labour is entitled to list all regulations for such a type of employment on the dedicated website. They usually include elements like legal working hours, minimum wage, overtime pay, or time off, such as stat holidays, leave, personal days or vacation pay. Eventual requirements for workplace insurance also have to be checked on the website. All these things have to be addressed in the contract with the nanny in Montreal.

Most Montreal nannies are rather employed than self-employed and therefore the employer is responsible for the payment of tax contributions. As many nannies agree to a net salary, the employer has to pay income tax, Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan contributions and, if necessary, workplace insurance on top of the figure of the net salary. If the agreement was on a gross wage, all these will be deducted from it.

As, sooner or later, all contracts come to an end, it is vital to know the employerís obligations in this situation. According to the provinceís employment standards issued by the Ministry of Labour, the contract may include certain requirements. Anyway, the employer has to make sure that the contract contains information about the length of the notice in the situation in which the contract ends. Eventual penalties for the absence of meeting the notice period should also be mentioned. After finishing the working relationship, the employer is compelled to send a ROE (Record of Employment) to the nanny.

Hiring a nanny in Montreal implies some activities like having a fair contract for the duration of the working relationship. Montreal nannies are usually self-employed and therefore such a contract is necessary. Useful information may be found on the website of the provincial Ministry of Labour.