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The Many Uses For Liquid Level Switches

Liquid level switches are designed to help us control the amounts of fluid that is maintained in several different types of liquids. Water is one of the many liquids we need to keep watch on like this, but some fluids are more volatile, and some devices are more sensitive, and on these devices we install a liquid level alarm to warn us of impending danger.

Liquid level switches, as their name implies, are used to keep track of the amount of fluid that is in a container. A simple form of liquid level switches that everyone will recognize is the water float switch apparatus in the tank of your toilet. When you flush the toilet by pressing down on the handle the handle is connected to a plug in the bottom of the toilet tank. The plug is lifted up allowing the water that is in the tank to rush into the toilet bowl and flush the waste matter away. Then the plug falls back into place and the liquid level switches in the tank lets water be run into the tank until it reaches a pre-determined amount. When it reaches capacity within the tank the water float switch stops any more water from coming into the tank.

There are some liquid level switches that are connected to a cooling tower that performs evaporative cooling for things like air conditioning units in homes and businesses, and even nuclear power plants. These liquid level switches will be armed with a liquid level alarm to make certain the correct amount of fluid is maintained in the units at all times.
A liquid level alarm will be set to either sound a verbal signal that something is wrong or they can be set to make lights on a control panel flash. There are even alarms that can be set to both of these actions. A liquid level alarm can be signaling that the device is overloaded and about to reach capacity and they can be set to alert you to the fact that too much fluid has been removed and compromised the way the device functions.

A liquid level switch can be set to make a pump turn on so that more fluid is pumped into a container. They can also be set so that when a container gets a certain amount of fluid in them they automatically allow it to empty some of the fluid out. They can be set so that they make a connection allowing an electric current to make contact and power another device, or set so that they cause a disruption in an electrical current and stop another device from being powered.

These switches can be used in homes, boats, businesses, and in large commercial productions. Some of them are made from relatively inexpensive plastics while others are made from the finest stainless steel.

Liquid level switches can be used to maintain the fluid levels in containers such as cisterns, water well tanks, live wells in boats, and even to reduce the water produced by a air conditioner. A liquid level alarm is used when the amount of liquid that is kept in a container is critical to the operations of some other device.