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Importance Of Using Bluelab Combo Meter In Hydroponics

In hydroponics or horticulture, pH is an extremely important factor. Improper pH level could mean that the plants are unable to absorb the nutrients required for healthy growth. Using bluelab combo meter helps in learning all the essential factors about the soil or grow medium including the pH level. Usually, plants grow better on the acidic side than on the basic side of the scale. Read on to explore the importance of the pH level in this context and how a bluelab meter can fit as an essential necessity.

It is extremely important to control pH level in hydroponics. If it is not balanced, plants could start losing their ability for absorbing the required nutrients. For successful results, it is important to test pH levels in the hydro systems and reservoirs with complete accuracy. Therefore, it is important to have a bluelab combo meter that could measure pH level along with many other factors. Without such an instrument, you would be simply wasting your time.

When it comes to hydroponics, there is no point in moving ahead if you don't know the pH of the medium. In addition, when it comes to testing pH, an instrument like bluelab combo meter makes things as easy as reading out the figure from the display. One of the main factors involved in the changes in pH level is the composition of nitrogen in the solution.

The absorption of ammonium ions in plants would result in falling pH level while the absorption of nitrate increases the level. A solution to this problem is to add nitrogen to the solution in the form of ammonia. This is going to help create a pH buffer for absorption and prevent any variations in the level. Having a bluelab combo meter could provide you with all the essential information so that you could take the right action.

Once you know the pH level with the help of bluelab meter, there are many chemicals that could be used for making adjustments. Potassium hydroxide and phosphoric acid are the two most commonly used chemicals for affecting the pH level. They are easily available in stores related to hydroponics products. Avoid choosing concentrated adjusters because they could cause larger changes in the pH levels, which means it becomes difficult to make the adjustments.

There are many other chemicals that could be used for adjusting the pH in the nutrient solutions. Sulfuric acid and nitric acid could be used for lowering pH, but they are considered as more hazardous compared to phosphoric acid. Citric acid is also sometimes recommended for lowering the pH level in hydroponics. However, before using these acids, make sure to get suggestions from an expert.

However, once you have the bluelab combo meter, it is possible to get the exact information about the acidic or basic level of the solution. This could help you in making the right adjustments for the optimal growth of the plants. When it is about choosing the right instruments and chemicals, it would be best to search online.

There are many benefits of using bluelab combo meter. Make sure to check this link to explore even more uses of bluelab meter.