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How To Leave Your Legacy

Life is journey and in the blink of an eye, all that you know and love can change. Time makes no promises to anyone and time is the one think you canít get back. There are moments that go by too fast, like summer breaks, Christmas, vacations and the growth of our children. Itís up to each of us to make the most of our time here on earth.† If you donít take the time to preserve and share your legacy, all that you worked for & cared about could be lost.† Donít let that happen to you.††

Leaving your legacy through the use of pictures, videos, & journals is one way to share your story. Much of your legacy can be summed up in the pictures of your childhood, graduation, marriage, kids, vacations and holidays.† The stories behind these life changing moments are worth preserving but pictures are not enough.† If a picture says a thousand words, you want to make sure theyíre your own.†

Another way to leave your legacy, is to write a journal. Journals are great way to share your thoughts, experiences and how these things shaped who you are as a person. Your writings give people insight into how you grew as a person and why you are who you are. It also allows you the opportunity to transfer your wisdom.

If you have video, you can also include it in your legacy. The benefit of leaving your legacy through video is that people can see & hear you. Future generations can appreciate your voice, tone and stories. You have an inspiring and unique story to tell.

As you begin to leave your legacy, make sure you take the time to think about where you will store your legacy and who you will share it with. You want to make sure your legacy is preserved in a safe place that can be shared with others and will not be lost, stolen or damaged. Fortunately, we live in a digital world where storing and preserving your legacy is easier than ever before.

How we live and are remembered is up to each of us. Are you living your life with a greater sense of purpose? Did you overcome adversity and achieve success? Was there someone in your life who made a difference? Can you recall a life changing moment that altered your path and attitude? Do you regret certain decisions? All of us yearn to matter, feel significant and hope to be remembered. Your legacy is a summary of your thoughts, feelings, actions, accomplishments and memories. Take the time to Create Your Legacy.

If you want to make sure that My Legacy and Your Legacy are taken care of, then you should start recording your memories right now. Do not let time to make them fade away! Do it for your children and grandchildren!