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How To 5 Tips To Improve Communication In Your Relationship

There is a lot more to effective communication in a relationship, that talk about the weather. Real communication involves honesty, have fun, learn to avoid arguments, not putting each other down.Tues so will help create a more intimate and productive relationship.

1. Listen carefully before answering the question
Sometimes in the heat of an argument, we will reply to say something before we really understand what is being said. Take the time to really listen to what your partner says, rather than responding automatically.

2. When disagreement keeps calm
 the discussion begins to turn into an argument. It can veer off into ugly directions.To avoid this, stick to the basics and not to raise the old disputes and grievances.
Sometimes the best thing you can do be taking a break and cool, so you can continue the conversation later with clear ideas and new perspectives.

3. Don't Be Too Proud To Give In
Our natural instinct is an argument to try to "win" by proving that we are "right". It becomes a competition instead of a healthy diffusion of grievances. This is not the kind of communication that contributes to the long-term, happy relationship.
Instead, try to put your pride aside, from time to time and be prepared to compromise. At the very least, be prepared to apologize in life. Even if you do not feel you've done something wrong - it can be transferred to your partner's acquiescence.

4. Openly share their feelings
This can be difficult if you have not been raised in a family that had a lot of communication, but there are things you can do to help you to be more open and honest with your partner.
It is important to begin a sentence with "I feel" instead of "You make me feel" - take responsibility for your own emotions and do not put it on someone else!
One can not deny that this may be a difficult start, especially if the relationship was less favorable in certain habits of communication. But if you do not fix it now, it will only get worse. It takes a real effort on both sides to build trust, so that you can be vulnerable, but it may help save the relationship.
Speaking in a way that takes responsibility instead of placing the blame not only helps heal cracks, it allows you to be more honest about their feelings.

5. Learning to have fun together
Couples who take the time to play and have fun together, tend to have a healthy relationship. Even if your hobbies and interests are not the same, and spend time together doing fun activities allows you to connect and increase intimacy. And this connection and intimacy, leading to better communication and, therefore, relations has improved significantly.
Learn how to apply these five tips in your relationship will surely help you to see improvements in your style and level of communication. You will find that better communication will bring you and your partner, not only fans, but also as friends, creating strong bonds of intimacy and trust.




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