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Couples Looking For Egg Donations

Many couples delay having children due to social or work pressures; your career plan and your body clock doesn't always coincide and time passes until you suddenly start having fertility problems. This is one of the reasons why egg donations are increasingly sought after; after 35, impaired natural fertility may mean your only chance to have a baby is through IVF with an egg donor. But where do you find trustworthy egg donors?

It's hard to imagine when you are young, with the world at your feet, that - as you age - your body will change and your fertility will become impaired, dropping off dramatically after the age of 35. Many infertile couples spend a fortune on fertility treatments and medicines to try to tip the balance in their favor, but – after a long and hard struggle – a significant percentage of women have to accept that they need to start looking for the best egg donors.

Adoption is, of course, another option, but a lot of couples want to have at least half of their genetic material in the DNA of their baby; this is a unique possibility with egg donations. By using donor eggs fertilized with the male partner's sperm, a beautiful and healthy baby that shares some genetic traits may result.

Couples looking for suitable egg donors, will often choose a donor who looks similar to her. So, hair- and eye-colour may be important. Or not. Your shared interests may be important. Or not. So, there’s no such thing as a perfect look and feel: egg donors can be women of all races, heights and appearance.

Parents fancy intelligence and good health (who doesn’t?) so family genetics usually play a role. And a normal, healthy body mass index is good, because it makes hormone therapy more predictable. The unique bits that make up the egg donor, are the unique bits that will resonate with a particular infertile couple; anonymous egg donor profiles will show a few toddler and infant photos of the egg donor, giving an idea of the genetic heritage that comes with specific egg donations.

Remember, in all pregnancies (including pregnancies as a result of Egg Donation), every cell in the developing foetus is built from the pregnant mother’s body. Her body forms the placenta (an uncontestable link to her child) from tissue from her uterus. And she supplies the protein and other compounds that ensures that her baby grows through the 9 months. And she supplies the environment for her baby to grow after birth.

IVF with egg donations can offer great results as well as a total motherhood experience and bond. This is the start of a journey as a family and as a mother.

Couples who want to be sure of finding trustworthy and committed egg donors, to try for great results should visit www, This great site has committed and reliable egg donors for your review, as well as lots of clear and useful information about IVF with egg donation.

Infertile couples who are looking for egg donors have traveled a long and difficult road to try to have a baby. Heartbreakingly,  some come to the point where adoption or IVF with Egg Donation is the only option. Those who prefer their babies to carry half of their genetic material, as well as to enjoy the full experience of birthing and motherhood, may use egg donations to fall pregnant. The site above can help you to connect with trustworthy and committed donors.