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A Trip Down Memory Lane - Your Legacy

When all is said and done all we leave behind are our memories. Our stores of love & loss; success & failure are like water colors that fade with time. Some we wish would disappear and others we wish would live forever.† Some of the greatest lessons learned in life come out of adversity so what you choose to remember and preserve from your life can be the stepping stones for others.† If you decide to share your legacy, it can help your loved ones grow and be better people.

Hindsight is always 20/20. It is easy to look back and see the good and bad. Itís when we are going through adversity or faced with decisions that the obvious is not always clear. When you take time to share your experiences and lessons learned, you are helping someone else learn and grow from your experience. Your memories can make a difference in someone else life. Thatís only if you choose to share your legacy.

Instead of living life with regret, you can chose to accept the things you cannot change and commit to making a difference. Your legacy can extend well beyond your time on earth. When you open yourself up to others, you are allowing your memories and experiences to show people a different way. We all have moments where we are proud and also disappointed. The greatest growth opportunities can come when we learn to get back up and share our failures & triumphs with others.

Your Legacy should be authentic. People need to know that to be human, to be you, means you lived & learned. Perhaps there are parts of your past that make you sad. Sharing these experiences can help people in similar situations see that it is possible to overcome. Being vulnerable connects you to others. Sharing your success makes people proud to know you.

Use your pictures, journals and videos to connect to people. Show and tell them what makes you tick. Let people breath & live with and through you as you share your memories. There is only one you. Your legacy matters to someone.

Creating your legacy should be an ongoing experience. As you mature, experience life and learn, you should be update your legacy profile. Using pictures, journals and videos to create your legacy, will give people an in depth view of your life. Unlike the superficial social networks profiles, this is a special place where you are focused on documenting your memories. You are focused on leaving a piece of you & of your history.

†If you want people to know who the real you is and to be able to analyze your evolution throughout time, then you need to leave them Your Legacy. By reading My Legacy from time to time, you will be able to go down to memory lane by yourself and see things from a different perspective.