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What Is Hot Stone Massage All About?


Would you believe it if someone told you that something as tough as stones found in nature is capable of possessing therapeutic value? Once again the credit of having discovered this natural secret is bagged by our ancient ancestors who relied heavily on stones to cure them of various physical problems. As long ago as 2000 years back hot stone massage formed an integral part of any treatment courtesy of its curative powers although it was used differently by different civilizations. It is from this ancient technique that the current day spa Edinburgh draws its inspiration and applies on its clients.



In the hot stone massage therapy, stones made of basalt are first heated by being immersed in water and then subjected to ‘stone roaster’. When they attain the optimum desired temperature these are oiled and then massaged on the body through application of a number of pressurized strokes. The reason as to why any day spa Edinburgh would prefer basalt is because this igneous product of nature is rich in iron and hence capable of retaining heat for long periods of time. In addition to zero porosity, these are also smooth which is why they can be easily placed on various energy points along the body.



Our body is characterized by certain energy lines known as meridians and energy points which are referred to as chakras. Since the practitioners of ancient medicines were well versed in this field, they discovered that placing heated stones at this point and massaging with them gently stimulated the flow of energy significantly. This in turn caused the toxins to be released and also improved blood circulation and the cumulative effect of all this was faster healing and relieving pain. Known as hot stone massage, this technique is still being employed at day spa Edinburgh thanks to its time tested nature.



Hot stone massage therapy has been found to be effective against a number of different ailments, the foremost amongst them being physical pain, back-aches and tense muscles. Due to its ability to transfer heat to the body, it has been known to improve blood circulation particularly in cold countries and thus alleviate the agonizing affects of arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Thus seeking an appointment with day spa Edinburgh for undergoing this form of massage is definitely an invigorating experience since the mind relaxes and disorders like stress, anxiety and depression are driven away.



Another aspect related to hot stone massage therapy pertains to the manner in which the stones are handles prior to as also subsequent to the therapy. Normally professionals at day spa Edinburgh would use a specific heater to heat the stones and this is equipped with a thermometer as well to enable the user to keep track of the temperature. While the usual range varies from 110 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, it can be adjusted as per individual needs since every skin is bound to have a different level of sensitivity. Sanitization after every use is also a must for hygiene purpose.



Sometimes hot stone massage is inclusive of the use of cold stones as well and this technique is known as contrast therapy. In this hot and cold stones and placed on the energy points alternately so that on being subjected to contrasting temperatures the blood vessels would expand and contract. As a direct consequence of this not only would the blood flow be stimulated but lymph vessels are also subjected to drainage. Day spa Edinburgh would use such a technique particularly on a hot summer day as the body could do with some cooling affect to combat such weather.

Is it possible that the hot stone massage which makes use of stones is effective against a variety of health maladies? There is a certain methodology to the use of stones and if handled by well trained professionals at day spa Edinburgh it does have the potential to cure many physical disorders.