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The Best Medicine Against Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure

Red yeast rice is a natural natural source of statins that contains niacin, fiber, linoleic acids, magnesium, and a unique enzyme called monacolin K, chemically identical to maintain a normal level of cholesterol or lower bad ldl cholesterol naturally, while strengthening your immune system. This is important because it is a known fact that high cholesterol is dangerous for health. The cholesterol not used in the body is stored in your arteries. If your arteries run out of room to store them, then you will practically block the blood flow. This causes heart attacks and strokes.

Red Yeast Rice Supplements

Lovastatin is a mass-produced pharmaceutical agent and use of this drug is strictly controlled Because of the many side effects of statins. Even With proper use patients may still suffer some adverse effects.

Red Yeast Rice contains the same monacolin K compounds used to manufacture "statin" medications. However, there is a far less likelihood that a consumer would encounter any of the side-effects that are so closely associated with the regular use of statin drugs.

The US FDA has created stringent guidelines that the manufacturers of Red Yeast Rice supplements must follow. The government has ruled these supplements to be classified as drugs due to presence of the monacolin K compounds.

There is the possibility that the monacolin K could interfere with your body's normal synthesis of CoQ10. This is why it is recommended taking a CoQ10 supplement along With your Red rice Yeast supplement.

One additional point to mention is that citrinin has been discovered in some of the Red Yeast Rice supplements that the FDA has tested. This substance is produced by some cultures of penicillin-producing mold. Citrinin has even been found on Bulgarian grown fruit. You should make every attempt to avoid any products that potentially contain this substance.

CoQ10's Effect on Cholesterol

CoQ10 acts on cholesterol differently than the red yeast rice. Some evidence seems to indicate that it may not be LDL that causes artherosclerosis, but rather the oxidation of that LDL. Enter CoQ10. Because CoQ10 has an anti-oxidative effect on all of the body tissue, it also has an an anti-oxidative effect on LDL. While it doesn't lower the amount of LDL, it keeps it from oxidizing and becoming artery clogging plaque.

Perhaps the safest way to lower cholesterol naturally is to choose a Red Yeast Rice supplement that is guaranteed to be citrinin-free. Physician Naturals Premium Red Yeast Rice is a dietary product that is manufactured in the USA. The company adheres to all safety guidelines established by the FDA. In addition to being citrinin-free this quality organic supplement is enhanced With CoQ10.

The Best Medicine against Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure