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Tens Electrodes As The Next Best Instant Pain Remedial

The term electrode that used to be something that physicists research on in science laboratories has now entered our daily lives. A new device called Tens electrode is out in the market at large, helping people get relieved from their body aches of different kind. Donít believe it? Yes, it is true that scientists have harnesses the power of physics fusing it with the ancient principle of acupuncture to create this unique product. Working on tens unit, Tens electrodes work to provide tentative relief from mild to excruciating pain. Working on the theory of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, the unit discharges electrical pulses.

Through a unique combination of modern technology and ancient science, it sends electrical waves through the concerned body part thus disrupting the pain signals that brain transmit causing the person to feel the aching. However, a Tens electrode does not serve to cure the cause of the pain as it merely acts as an external pain killer. The units come with placement pads that need to be positioned directly on the affected part of the body. Once the Tens electrodes are rightly positioned, the system sets to work. At first, they start generating pulses through the different layers of the skin that calms down the part used on.

What these pulses do is work as blocks in the way of the pain signals from making it to the brain. The lack of communication thus prevents that brain from registering the sensation of painfulness. Thus the person does not feel any kind of bodily aches while they use a Tens electrode. However, apart, the electrodes have another function to perform. While they are at work, they generate the bodyís own pain killing fluids called Endorphins and Encephalins. The pads make sure that they are produced in generous quantity so that even after they are used, the patients do not suffer from pain problems. Depending upon the condition of the Tens electrodes, the pads work in diverse frequencies.

By blocking signal both to and from the brain the pads make sure that the pain is killed both during use and long after. The impact is so prominent that you can keep all pain in the concerned are at bay for several days and even a whole week after using the Tens electrodes just once. However, the units pads require to be used for a prolonged period of time and the effects vary on the basis of the kind of pain it is used to treat. A Tens electrode is particularly good to use for athletes and sports players who exposed to a range of injuries during the practice hours.

Hamstring injuries, muscle pains, sprains, cramps, etc. are the common kinds of injuries they are used in. You are likely to get instant relief from the aches caused by the mentioned injuries. Even though use of the ice remedy comes to mind naturally, the freezing temperature of the ice cubes only make the part numb and unreceptive to the pain signals. So, consult your doctor today and get an units pad to treat the pain today.

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