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Red Yeast Rice Lower Cholesterol Naturally

RED YEAST RICE -  Lower Cholesterol Naturally

“Owing to very poor lifestyle, today, many people are affected by high cholesterol and its impacts on their health. So, it is ideal to resort to a good cholesterol lowering supplement like the one that contains Red Yeast Rice – An amazing supplement largely used in the Asian countries to lower cholesterol...”

Physician Naturals Premium Red Yeast Rice

What Is Red Yeast Rice?

Red Yeast Rice is a substance that's extracted from rice that's been fermented with a type of yeast called Monascus purpureus. which is actually red yeast. If you think that this is entirely new, you are definitely wrong. This unique process of fermentation has been around for so many years. In China, centuries ago, it had been used to color their food, to produce rice wine, or to serve as preservatives. Today, it has been consumed by a lot of people all over the world. | Benefits or red yeast rice this was used by the Chinese to curb diarrhea, but constant studies reveal that there are still more benefits one can gain from red yeast rice. First, it is known to improve the condition of the heart and blood circulation, preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure. Though more investigation is needed, there’s a huge possibility that this can also aid those people who are suffering from diabetes... Red Yeast Rice is a traditional Chinese culinary and medicinal product. In the United States, dietarysupplements containing red yeast rice have been marketed.

There is the possibility that the monacolin K could interfere with your body's normal synthesis of CoQ10. This is why it is recommended taking a CoQ10 supplement along With your Red rice Yeast supplement.

One additional point to mention is that citrinin has been discovered in some of the Red Yeast Rice supplements that the FDA has tested. This substance is produced by some cultures of penicillin-producing mold. Citrinin has even been found on Bulgarian grown fruit. You should make every attempt to avoid any products that potentially contain this substance.

Red Yeast Rice with CoQ10 Supplement

A red yeast rice with CoQ10 supplement is believed to lower cholesterol. Each ingredient acts on cholesterol in a different way.

Red Yeast Rice's Effect on Cholesterol

The red yeast rice inhibits cholesterol synthesis in the human body, thus having an effect on the overall level of LDL and overall cholesterol.

CoQ10's Effect on Cholesterol

CoQ10 acts on cholesterol differently than the red yeast rice. Some evidence seems to indicate that it may not be LDL that causes artherosclerosis, but rather the oxidation of that LDL. Enter CoQ10. Because CoQ10 has an anti-oxidative effect on all of the body tissue, it also has an an anti-oxidative effect on LDL. While it doesn't lower the amount of LDL, it keeps it from oxidizing and becoming artery clogging plaque. Read more about CoQ10

Perhaps the safest way to lower cholesterol naturally is to choose a Red Yeast Rice supplement that is guaranteed to be citrinin-free. Physician Naturals Premium Red Yeast Rice is a dietary product that is manufactured in the USA. The company adheres to all safety guidelines established by the FDA. In addition to being citrinin-free this quality organic supplement is enhanced with CoQ10.