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Maintenance Tips For Helmets

To maintain the required safety standards and quality of your helmet, proper maintenance of your helmets is important. Check the guidelines of the manufacturer and follow the maintenance tips clearly. Helmets are available in a variety of materials including fiber glass, Kevlar and carbon fiber among others hence not all chemical cleaning agents will be suitable for all types of helmets. Follow the guidelines for cleaning tips to make sure that the chemical cleaning agents do not cause any damage to your helmet. Regular cleaning of helmets and visor is essential to ensure maximum visibility.

The inside of the helmets could accumulate dirt and sweat which can spoil the fabric and stitching and cause odor. The removable pads can be washed gently and sir dried where as those helmets with non-removable interiors, can be cleaned by using any good quality using bacteria and mildew eliminating products.

Never paint or stick pictures and stickers unless you are not sure about the glue or chemicals used in the stickers as it could damage the texture of the helmet. Stickers could leave adhesive residue when removed, which can be removed by mildly scrubbing with alcohol swabs. Make sure to wipe off the excess liquid and clean the area with soap and water once the adhesive residue is removed.