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How To Sleep Like A Baby

Sleep problems can be a serious obstacle to happiness - if you can not sleep, you can not operate both during day.So how we can solve the above problems and to become like a child in our sleep? I do not have all the answers, but here are some things that have worked for me:

1. Exercise. Good hard workout or long, on a bike or swim, you get good and tired. Good yoga workout is a great way to do it, you learn to focus on the same time. Even if the disc at the beginning of the day, I often go to bed with a tired body, and I'm looking forward to the rest. Do warm-up before going to bed, though.

2. Get up early. You can get your body to change your sleep schedule is slowly getting up earlier. Try 15 minutes earlier than usual during the week, and another 15 minutes. If you get up early, you'll be a little tired during the day, and when it comes time to sleep, you enjoy the rest.

3. Creating a bedtime routine. It takes time to relax your body and mind. At least one hour before bedtime, start to slow down. Turn off the computer. Floss and brush your teeth. Set aside the things that you use in the evening. Set and read the book (not on your laptop.) This is a kind of ritual, set in his mind, it's time to sleep, and your body takes that cock and begins to prepare.

4. Keep your bedroom for sleeping. Do not eat, watch TV, use the computer or doing other activities in your room (OK, vicious, just a different type of activity in order.) Keep these events in the halls and the dining room, so that when you go to sleep, there's only one thing to do. Be sure to make the room dark when you go to bed to - your body reacts to light.

5. Focus your attention. Once you've made your bed and place, and your body nice and tired, you need to calm the mind. My action: Close your eyes and imagine that you have made the first step today. It may open their eyes and get out of bed. Then imagine a second that you did - let's say you pee and wash your face, or drink a glass of water. Then you started to coffee, but first had to grind. See these small steps in detail. I never spent the first hour before I sleep.

6. Gradually changing. Be patient with changes in sleeping - it is difficult, because when we are tired, our minds do not have the discipline to stick with the changes. Our bodies and souls choose to do what they used to. But if you change a little at a time, and forgive yourself for "spoil" (no mess, actually), then you can make changes.
I hope this helps. I must confess that I do not always sleep well sometimes I have trouble sleeping, but when I use these methods, I, as a rule, treatment of sleep disorders.
Sleep is a blessing that I wish all my friends, you are all inclusive. This is a well-deserved rest, which helps us to be truly awake when the glorious day comes a new plant.
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