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How To Maintain Our Delicate Skin In Winter

Dry autumn will be gone, long and cold winter is coming, when we body enters into winter, the metabolism capacity of body is gradually reduced, the sebaceous glands secretion begins to reduce, the renewal time of the cell of the skin surface is prolonged, if you do not note to well maintain skin, cold will make you past beautiful skin becomes dull and rough. Here to introduce several simple but effective methods of day-to-day care of the skin, you can have a try:
Replenishment water to body
Drink enough water can avoid dry skin water shortage due to the body shortage of water. Every day drinks 6 cups to 8 cups of water, also at the same time you can drink fruit juice, mineral water, tea, etc. In addition, the bath can keep the skin surface moisture; using steam to fumigates face can be replenishment of water to face; use moisturizing skin care agent to smear the face, can reduce water distribution.
Regulate mood
The person's mental state, psychological changes are controlled by the cerebral cortex, acting on the nerve fiber of skin, if the mood is boredom, listlessness, or long-term feeling of tension, fear, depression, these emotions will cause the skin poor circulation, lack of nutrient supply, which make skin pale, yellow and black, deeper wrinkles, and premature aging. Therefore, in daily life we should pay attention to the regulation of mood and strengthening exercises, a person who has a healthy mentality and physique, also has healthy skin.
Adequate sleep
In the daytime, skin is exposed out, at night need to receive adequate nutrition to repair damaged cells, on the next day the color of skin will be bright, delicate and smooth. The nutrition and repair of the skin are mainly from 22:00 of the night to 4:00 of the next day. So every day, ensures for 6-8 hours sleeping time.
Strengthen nutrition
In the winter, skin conditioning performance is poor, we should eat more fresh vegetables containing vitamin, fruits and eggs, eat less animal protein is conducive to the metabolism of the skin. We usually should also eat such food, such as sesame, honey, as little as possible eat onions, garlic and other spicy food.
Massage facial skin
In the morning or at night, insistsmassaging facial skin by two hands, muscles, slowly along the direction of the facial muscles, blood vessels, massage from the inside to the outside, promote facial blood circulation, makes facial cells secrete more glial and oil, to play a role in protecting the skin.
The use of emollients
Emollients contain rosin grease acids and is rich in vitamin A, which can accelerate blood circulation, stimulate facial cells secrete more glial and effectively improve the skin physiological environment to make the skin to reduce wrinkles.
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