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How To Lose Weight Quickly In Daily Diet Ten Eating Habits

Diet to lose weight is convenient and effective, is also loved by many people, so, how to use diet to lose weight specially? The following is teach you 10 diet habits to lose weight, let you be healthy weight-loss in a relaxed atmosphere.
1. Eat less fried food, fried chicken, french fries, or salt crisp chicken, tempura of Japanese cuisine, and so on, they are all outside wrapped in a thick layer of fried batter, increased the taste, but absorbed more grease, accidentally eats grease quantity that a day needs.
2. Lettuce Salad, is not as well as salad dressing that is used to fry vegetables and lettuce. Lettuce salad is made with salad oil and eggs, contained more fat and cholesterol than that you use to fry vegetables. So when the people put the lettuce salad as diet meals, you should be careful you will be more and more fat.
3. Should eat less the seasonings heavy food as far as possible, more eat light food, because adding too much spice in food, it is easier to stimulate the appetite, unknowingly you eat more.
4. When have dinner outside, try to choose set meal, because a package is suitable for loss weight, for example: eel rice and pork chop rice, they are the main course and some vegetables or side dishes, eggs, rice, soup, fixed quantity can constraint appetite.
5 eat more vegetables
The fiber in vegetables can increase satiety, and gastrointestinal motility, and can help contribute to fat burning, so the vegetables are indispensable. Increasing the proportion of vegetables in the daily diet, this would both reduce appetite, and can also help you reduce calorie intake!
6. Avoid eating, while drinking
Alcohol is harmful to human satiety center, resulting in a temporary paralysis of the role. People do not know the full case, and the other side drink, will eat more and more pills. Generally, alcoholic beverages are higher in calories, drinking excess will let you grow ugly bellies!
7. Eat less but can eat more time
You shouldn't eat too full each meal and alert yourself "it is enough, after that you will also eat fruit, which not only alleviates the burden of the stomach, but also the belly will shrink less than weeks. And use small cutlery to have dinner is an effective way to reduce food intake.
8. Take boiled water as the main beverage
Cans and aluminum foil packaging drink that can be bought in the shop should be drunk less, even fruit juice or oolong tea, coffee, and even sports drinks also has added a lot of sugar. Health and safest method is to drink mineral water or boiled water. And drinks plenty of water can also help fat burning!
9. Eat fruit should be moderate
Eat fruit can be a supplement of vitamin, is beneficial to the body; but in fruits also contain large amounts of fructose and sucrose, and eat a lot of fruit is also an accumulation of fat. In addition, no matter what food, even the perfect diet food, even if intake of excessive calories also makes you gain weight.
10. Forbidden to eat high-calorie foods after 8 o'clock at night
In fact, directly to say not to eat night snack, because when you fall asleep, the body's parasympathetic activity causes gastrointestinal peristalsis slow down, accelerate the synthesis of fat, that is, foods you eat before going to bed at night, almost always change into fat accumulation in the body. The best way is to forbid to eat food and drink beverages before going to bed three hours.
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