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How To Healthy Hair And Skin 14 Tips

1.Remember the most important factors that determine the quality of your
skin and hair are your genes and family history, your nerves and emotions,
and your immune system.

2. Use appropriate facial cleanser designed for your skin type and wash twice day.

3. Use cleansers at night to remove makeup and dirt before using face

4. Use sunscreen every day, even if you are in the room - the sun UVA
come through the windows, as well as contribute to aging, pigmentation and tanning.Ideally, sunscreen should be applied every three hours.

5.Make to products such as foundations, mineral powders and contracts are not receiving     adequate protection from the sun.

6.Indian skin is prone to sunburn and pigment easily and locally. There
a very fine line between tan and pigmentation. If your tan has not gone
for 4-6 weeks, see a dermatologist.

7.Aging may be internal, that is, genetic, and may be delayed for a period
and, to a lesser extent, through diet. External factors include increased
UV intensity, increased pollution and stress. All of these factors
usually dry the skin and make it more prone to pigmentation and aging.
Therefore, it is important to take care of your skin as a teenager.

8.Extrinsic products of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are
naughty oxygen molecules that damage cells and cause them to age faster.
Antioxidants neutralize these ROS.

9.At night, use a moisturizer with an agent at the age of protection.

10.Kitchen ingredients such as fruits do not work.

11. For more skin, look for the following ingredients: peptides, vitamins
And its derivatives, such as retinol and other retinoids, alpha-, beta-and

12. Exfoliation should be done with great caution and only with the modern
exfoliating beads. Avoid grainy scrubs that they tend to damage the skin
microscope, which can lead to a slow, insidious and patchy darkening.

13.It is recommended to consult a dermatologist at least once a year. There many shades of color, texture, softness, etc. We I do not see for themselves. They can be detected by a dermatologist and soft creams / treatments may be recommended.

14.Always use conditioner after washing your hair. It protects your
hair and is a better option than oil. Power conditioners neutralize
charge in the hair shaft and help to unravel. Air conditioners can also improve shine and some mixed Repair lesser extent, in the hair shaft.
Conditioning agents such as hydrolyzed proteins or silicones are added to
improve manageability and shine.
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